Twenty One Pilots Show Why They Are Rocks Hottest Ticket

Trying to categorize Ohio outfit Twenty One Pilots is enough to give even the most hard-bitten music journalist a headache. Twenty One Pilots’ music spans so many genres that they defy being pigeon-holed, so much so that fans have labelled Twenty One Pilots music as “Schizophrenic pop.” Whatever the genre, it cannot be denied that their 2015 album Blurryface has propelled Twenty One Pilots into the big time with huge sales and a sold-out tour. Twenty One Pilots rising stock also sees them win prominent billing at major international music festivals including this year’s Reading and Leeds festivals in August.

Festival appearances as far apart as Mexico, Canada, and Russia will ensure that Twenty One Pilots’ unique musical style is being brought to the attention of music fans across the globe. Of course Twenty One Pilots will be well aware that an expanding fanbase is essential if they are to continue to grow and coming to the attention of the music press is an important aspect when it comes to spreading the word. That is why Twenty One Pilots will be delighted that they are beginning to amass a collection of important rock industry awards.

Alternative Press report that Twenty One Pilots have won Artist Of The Year, presented by Monster Energy, at the 2016 Alternative Press Music Awards. Twenty One Pilots will be delighted to have bagged the award, especially since they were up against such rock luminaries as All Time Low, Beartooth, PVRIS, Fall Out Boy, Motionless In White, Panic! At The Disco and Slipknot.

Ironically the beginning of the Republican Convention in Cleveland meant that Alternative Press moved this years award ceremony to Twenty One Pilots hometown, Columbus Ohio. Billboard report that Twenty One Pilots had to skip receiving the honor in their home town because they are on tour and were playing in Seattle on award night. In addition to bagging the Artist Of The Year, Twenty One Pilots also won Album Of The Year for Blurryface.

In today’s music industry, streaming and piracy have had a very serious impact on the revenue bands like Twenty One Pilots receive from album sales. Most bands receive the bulk of their income from touring, and it is in the live arena that Twenty One Pilots really excel.

Twenty One Pilots played Denver last weekend and 303 magazine reported that fans camped out some 10 hours in sweltering heat before the show in the hope of getting the best spots from which to watch the show. Fans were left screaming for more as Twenty One Pilots turned in a superb performance.

Earlier this month, Houston Press said that “Twenty One Pilots’ catalog surpasses the rest of the songs making their rounds on the radio through candid, introspective lyricism.” It is their willingness to lay themselves bare on stage that ensures that Twenty One Pilots are attracting huge numbers of loyal fans.

Tyler Joseph “shares his innermost demons” with Twenty One Pilots fans and it is their ability to form strong connections with the audience that inspires loyalty from those fans.

There can be no doubt that Twenty One Pilots are riding a wave of popularity that is ensuring that the band are on their way to becoming one of the world’s top touring bands. The energy and enthusiasm that Twenty One Pilots bring to their shows that will ensure that fans keep the band at the top of the game. In a market that is overrun by twee pop music, Twenty One Pilots are different. They may turn out bubbly and joyful tunes, but the lyrics are angst ridden and fans clearly identify with the honesty that the band share with their fans.

It is that honesty that has led to Twenty One Pilots bonding with their fans and which has ensured that the band are now rock music’s hottest ticket.

[Photo by John Davisson/Invision/AP]