Finn Balor Confirmed For WWE Draft Tonight: Will He Be Drafted To ‘Raw’ Or ‘SmackDown’?

After months of speculation, the WWE Draft is finally upon the WWE Universe tonight. There will be so much change over the next 24 hours that the entire landscape of WWE will be different. It’s already begun as The Lucha Dragons decided to enter the WWE Draft as singles wrestlers and pulled the plug on their run as a tag team.

There have been rumors of The New Day and The Wyatt Family being forced to split after the WWE Draft tonight as well. As many rumors as there have been about former WWE superstars and everything else under the WWE sun, no one is more anticipated and has been more rumored about more over the past few months than Finn Balor.

Finn Balor as The Demon Waits For the Next Oppponent
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According to the rules posted by for tonight’s WWE Draft, NXT will have six talents taken from the brand and separated on WWE’s Raw and SmackDown. On paper, that is going to be a serious raid of NXT’s talent pool, so there will be a ton of fresh blood on WWE television after WWE Battleground this weekend.

It’s already been rumored that Bayley will be Sasha Bank’s mystery partner for her tag team match against Charlotte and Dana Brooke at WWE Battleground. However, Sasha Banks has denied it, and it remains unconfirmed as of this writing. However, Nia Jax has been confirmed to be making the transition to WWE’s main roster by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer.

According to another report from Daily Wrestling News, Jax isn’t the only one who has been confirmed for tonight’s WWE Draft. Yesterday, Finn Balor was active on Twitter and posted the following, which is as close to a confirmation as we’re going to get before SmackDown tonight.

Over the past several months, Finn Balor has been trolling the WWE Universe a lot about his upcoming move to WWE’s main roster that was always inevitable. He’s used social media to prey on the hopes that he would debut during Raw or a PPV event, but the previous tweet from him is too clear an indication that he is bound for the main roster tonight during the WWE Draft.

On last week’s edition of NXT on the WWE Network, Finn Balor finally stepped into the ring with Shinsuke Nakamura after weeks of anticipation and had a great match that will serve was his swan song in NXT. Unfortunately, Balor didn’t stay in the ring long enough after the match during the episode for a grand show of appreciation from the NXT Universe, but the final match with Nakamura at Full Sail University was the exclamation point on the greatest NXT career in the brand’s history.

Finn Balor Celebrates a Victory With the WWE Universe
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No one in NXT history has had a better run than Balor did during his tenure with the brand. Finn Balor main evented four Takeover specials on the WWE Network, had the greatest rivalry in NXT history against Samoa Joe and became the longest reigning NXT Champion in the brand history. He’s been ready for WWE’s main roster for a long time now.

Tonight’s WWE Draft is a long time coming. WWE has definitely thought out Finn Balor’s debut perfectly because he may appear tonight to hype his selection to Raw or SmackDown, but he won’t be featured until after WWE Battleground. Balor’s “Demon” most likely won’t be revealed until SummerSlam, which will be a career-defining moment for him and make him a megastar.

The only question about his WWE television debut is if he will be drafted to Raw or SmackDown. Smart money would be on the latter since The Club is rumored to be headed to Tuesday nights under Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan. There are a lot of feud possibilities for him no matter where he goes, so Finn Balor is most likely about to become a household name. Tonight’s WWE Draft is just his first biggest step to superstardom.

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