New York UFO: Video Of Giant Unidentified Craft Goes Viral, Stumps The World [Video]

A video recorded by a concerned and confused observer over the weekend appears to show a massive UFO hovering over the skyline of New York City. The video has now been shared on YouTube, and it feature a giant black object seemingly floating in the sky above New York. The disturbing UFO was visible to drivers making their way across the Outerbridge Crossing to New Jersey, reports RT.

The video of the New York UFO was apparently shared with a group of UFO investigators known as Secure Team 10. The group is famous for sharing and investigating videos of alleged UFO sightings, and they claim that their mission is to “bring exposure to the alien phenomenon.”

According to the group, which shared the video on their YouTube page, several different eyewitnesses reported seeing the unexplained UFO phenomenon that appeared over New York. The video has since gone viral and raked in over 200,000 views.

Witnesses of the New York UFO were reportedly exposed to more than just an inexplicable visual showing. According to Secure Team 10, eyewitnesses of the New York UFO also claim that they felt odd vibrations in the air and atmosphere; so-called “unnatural sounds” were also reportedly heard coming from the area near the UFO.

Tyler Glockner, member of the UFO research group Secure Team 10, said the New York UFO sighting is just one of a string of recent sightings. The rash of recent UFO sightings, photos, and videos that have been popping up from around the world lead many following the UFO phenomenon to believe that we are either “on the precipice of” or even in the midst of an alien visitation.

The large amount of attention that the New York UFO has garnered has made it the subject of a new version of the standard UFO debate between believers and non-believers alike. Some believe that the unidentified flying object could be an alien craft, while others say “weather balloon,” or even the new non-alien go-to, a “government drone.”

Some people getting in on the New York UFO commentary have asked a very relevant and pointed question. Namely, how in the world could a giant UFO hovering above the most populated city in the United States only be seen and recorded on video by so few?

“Interesting video Tyler but one or two persons couldn’t have been the only ones who snapped this thing on video especially over a big city like New Jersey but still very strange indeed!”

Some UFO doubters wanted to know why UFO footage also seems to be recorded from far away.

“Isn’t it strange that EVERY single UFO video is of a UFO far away? rarely a video off someone who is underneath it or very close.”

Metro is calling the gigantic black New York UFO something similar to the alien spacecraft in the film Independence Day — albeit a bit smaller and minus Will Smith.

According to witnesses of the New York UFO, it was much smaller than the “mothership” depicted in the sci-fi flick. However, it was reportedly pretty big, and it remained in the sky above the cities for a few hours, which is a long time for someone to continuously see a weather balloon or a top secret government drone.

According to Glockner, the user who spotted and recorded the New York UFO and submitted the footage to Secure Team 10, he saw the UFO from Staten Island. The source of the video originally thought that the New York UFO might have been nothing more than a banner being dragged behind an airplane, or something equally benign.

“But he said he soon realized that this object was far too large to have been a banner of any kind and he also says that there was ‘no plane in sight. And he said that this object was just ‘hanging out’ in the sky.”

What do you think? Is this just another case of misidentification? Or could the New York UFO be the real deal?

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