‘Shahs’ Golnesa ‘GG’ On Reza’s Views And Criticisms Of Her Arthritis

Shahs of Sunset Golnesa ‘GG’ Gharachedaghi has had enough of being Reza’s punching bag, and she is now speaking out on being criticized for her illness and the suggestion that she is faking the seriousness of her Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). GG is now speaking out on the topic and taking Reza to task about being critical of her and her parents for supporting her while she is ill. On Shahs, GG pondered what made Reza such an expert to lecture on RA.

According to the Inquisitr, fans have long wondered where Shahs GG’s substance abuse starts and where her RA ends as she seems to be doing many things that might be less than helpful for her recovery. GG allegedly goes out every night and pushes her body away from healing and into further suffering, While depression, particularly over illness, can push people toward substance abuse, GG seems to be taking everything to an extreme, and her friends on Shahs are asking a lot of questions.

The Daily Mail is reporting that on Shahs of Sunset, GG went off on Reza about what he has been saying about her RA and how she is exaggerating. GG is throwing down about Reza’s criticism and believes he is obsessed.

“How is he this big expert on my life and what’s going on with my disease? Beats the f*** out of me.”

GG then suggested to Shervin that Reza is not a man as a man would not behave the way he does.

“He’s not a man, I bet if I pulled his pants down he’d have a bigger vagina than the biggest prostitute I know. Right now I want nothing to do with Reza, I really don’t give two f***s.”

Reality Tea is reporting that GG believes that on Shahs of Sunset, Reza is truly trying to hurt her by making accusations about her RA. After watching the show where Reza confronted GG about her RA and suggested she was feigning illness, she became irate once again. In true GG style, she did not mince words when talking about Reza and where all of his doubt is coming from.

“This mother f—- wants to really hurt me so badly. Not just call me a whore, or a b***h, or whatever that he’s done over the years. But to tell me that something I’m suffering from is a fake thing, and my parents are liars, and the whole thing is a scam? The minute he mentioned he feels sorry for my parents, I lost my s—.”

GG seems to use her friend Shervin as a sounding board, and if, perhaps, she would listen to what he had to say, it might help. For now, GG seems to think Shervin is a people pleaser and just wants people to like him, so he smooths everything over, but in his impartiality, Shervin has some serious points.

Shervin is suggesting that GG might try listening and sharing, rather than always being on the defensive. But GG still has trouble hearing Shervin when he gives her advice.

The Real Mr. Househusband says that GG will not be going quietly, and wonders if there is any truth to GG’s accusation that she has a sex tape of Reza at the gym with a man other than Adam (um, who keeps sex tapes of their friends around for a rainy day?). A production source for Shahs of Sunset claims that there was far more to the encounter between GG and Reza than fans saw on Shahs.

“Specifically,” the insider continued, “GG said a lot of nasty things to Reza that were cut, including vicious comments about his weight and age.”

Allegedly, after all was said and done, GG was the one on Shahs who wanted to hug it out, but Reza was hurt and wanted nothing to do with GG.

“After the fight, GG wanted to hug it out and move past it with Reza, but he was hurt by what she did and said and refused to make up with her. It was only then that she suddenly started making claims she had a sex tape of Reza and another man in her possession.”

Only time will tell when it comes to how the drama will shake out between GG and Reza on Shahs of Sunset.

Do you think that GG and Reza will work things out when it comes to the controversy about RA?

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