Numerous Incidents Happening At Target’s Transgender-Friendly Restrooms, Liberal Media Remains Quiet On Said Incidents

Target, the second-largest discount retailer in the United States, is well-known for taking a strong stance for transgender-friendly restrooms. Unfortunately, their resolve is resulting in numerous incidents in which their transgender-friendly restrooms are specifically targeted. Not only that, it seems as if the liberal media is remaining oblivious to said incidents too.

Target stores have been adamant in making sure their restrooms are transgender-friendly. Unfortunately, many individuals have taken advantage of the policy for their own sick desires. [Photo by Sara D. Davis/Getty Images]
According to an article written by Charisma News, it reports that the American Family Association (AFA) has pushed the #BoycottTarget initiative that has earned over 1.4 million signatures. Throughout the month of July, AFA wants the people who signed the #BoycottTarget pledge to get at least one other person to sign the pledge too. Tim Wildmon, the president of AFA, provided the following statement pertaining to the transgender-friendly restrooms.

“These headlines about predators taking advantage of dangerous bathroom policies are to be expected when our society opens doors in order to satisfy a small subset of the population or liberal, activist agendas. Now, Americans concerned about the privacy and safety of our wives, mothers, daughters and sisters must fight harder than ever to protect them. Corporations must hear the loud and clear voices of those who will no longer remain silent when it comes to the protection of our loved ones.”

So it is known, there isn’t just one or two isolated incidents pertaining to the transgender-friendly restrooms happening at Target. There are a lot of incidents taking place. According to an article written by Lifesite News, it reports numerous incidents, especially one of a 22-year-old New Hampshire man named Zachary Bishop who was arrested and charged with violation of privacy after he allegedly recorded underage girls in a Target changing room. Bishop eventually turned himself. However, it should now be noted that the changing rooms are now transgender-friendly too.

Zachary Bishop was arrested for filming underage girls changing in the women’s changing rooms at Target. He was able to access them after identifying as a woman. [Image via Bedford Police Department]
There are two other incidents included in the aforementioned report pertaining to transgender-friendly restrooms. In February, a Seattle man entered the changing room of a public swimming pool and undressed in front of a young girls’ swim team. He claimed he had the right to do so under transgender policies. Next, it was revealed back in 2014 that a convicted rapist who once sexually-assaulted a five-year-old girl claimed to be transgender in order to get inside a women’s shelter. Once in, he assaulted women yet again.

AFA also shared a list of numerous articles of incidents pertaining to transgender-friendly restrooms that people would find debilitating. The New York Daily News reported of a Seattle man undressing in the women’s locker room just to test out the new transgender restroom rule. Mercury News reported a sex offender wearing fake breasts and a wig was arrested for loitering in the women’s restroom. Fox4News reports of a “peeping tom” recording underage girls changing at a Target in Frisco, Texas. Finally, Fox25Boston reports of police searching for a man caught peeping in a Target in Revere, Massachusetts.

As for Target themselves, it is unknown how long they will stay strong on enforcing their transgender-friendly restroom policy. Ever since it was incorporated, their stock has plummeted. With the growing concern over safety in restrooms considered transgender-friendly, Target will only suffer more. We will see just how much Target has suffered from their transgender-friendly restroom policy once their second quarter report, due in mid-August, comes out.

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]

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