Darkrai Is Coming To ‘Pokkén Tournament’ — The Mythical Pokémon Shows How Dangerous It Is In Reveal Trailer [Video]

The popular Pokémon fighting game on the Wii U, Pokkén Tournament, is about to get a new mythical challenger. In a new reveal trailer, gamers got to see Darkrai in action, and he is frightfully brutal.

According to an article written by Dual Shockers, Darkrai is a dark-type mythical Pokémon that uses ghoulish flames, teleportation tactics, and buffs to attack enemies at mid to long range, similar to another Pokémon already in the game, Chandelure. it should also be noted that Darkrai has some very fancy-looking attacks in which one looks like a ghost bear trap. The only drawback from the trailer is that it did not show how damaging Darkrai is.

The first major appearance of the Pokémon Darkrai was in the movie “The Rise of Darkrai.” In it, Darkrai is the hero of the movie, taking on the task of holding off the fighting between Dialga and Palkia until Ash and Dawn could put the Oracion disk in the Space-Time Tower music player to calm down the two Legendary Pokémon. [Image via Screen Capture of “Rise of Darkrai”]
We can, however, discern how strong Darkrai will be by consulting the Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia on the internet. According to it, Darkrai is a dark type Pokémon who’s ability is bad dreams. It is a genderless Pokémon with a catch rate of 0.4 percent. It is also a member of the lunar duo with fellow Pokémon Cressalia. As for its behavior, Darkrai often feeds off bad dreams and thus lives in people’s nightmares. It is also the only Pokémon to have learned Dark Void, a move that puts all adjacent foes to sleep with an accuracy of 80 percent for each Pokémon.

Darkrai’s most powerful move, the Dark Void, will most-likely be his burst attack in “Pokkén Tournament.” [Image via Screen Capture of “Rise of Darkrai”]
It should be noted that Darkrai will be added to the arcade version of Pokkén Tournament, as reported by Game Zone. However, it is expected that Darkrai, along with Scizor and Empoleon, will be added to the Wii U version of the game given the fact an earlier update added data files for all three Pokémon. What we do not know is if the other Pokémon, Scizor and Empoleon, will be playable fighters in the game or just support characters. We also do not know when Darkrai, Scizor, and Empoleon will be officially added to the Wii U version.

The trailer did show other added features coming to the arcade game. First off, both Braixen and Garchomp, two Pokémon in the Wii U version of Pokkén Tournament, will be added. Also, some sort of mission mode will be added to the game which in turn will add more gameplay outside of the Pokkén Tournament League (story mode). Due to the lack of subtitles, any news on mission mode is simply stipulation until someone who understands Japanese translates it or either Nintendo, Namco Bandai, or both come forward to detail it.

Ultimately, it is amazing Nintendo, Namco Bandai, and The Pokémon Company are pumping out updates for Pokkén Tournament. The game itself is popular among Wii U players, but it is a far cry in popularity compared to the other Pokémon game that gamers play today, Pokémon GO. According to Heavy, Pokémon GO was reported to have been downloaded at least 15 million times. As of Monday, July 11, the game was seeing about 21 million daily active users. That makes it the biggest mobile game in United States history. If you want a comparison just how big Pokémon GO is, at its peak, Candy Crush had 20 million active users in the United States. Pokémon GO is still growing.

Still, it is nice to know that just because Pokémon GO is so popular, The Pokémon Company is not neglecting their other Pokémon titles.

[Image via Screen Capture of Pokkén Tournament/Darkrai Reveal Trailer]

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