Sasha Banks Addresses Rumors Of Bayley Making Main Roster Debut As Her Mystery Partner At ‘WWE Battleground’

WWE has been building to The Boss vs. The Champ on WWE television for some time now. In many ways, it has been building since the Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania 32, because many people feel that Sasha Banks should have left Dallas with the WWE Women’s Championship, not Charlotte.

Regardless, a WWE Women’s Championship match between Sasha Banks and Charlotte is inevitable, but WWE is making the fans wait for that match for as long as possible. Last week, WWE revealed that The Boss would team with a mystery partner of her choosing against Charlotte and Dana Brooke at WWE Battleground.

That match will give the WWE Universe an extended preview of Banks vs. Charlotte while also delaying their singles match until SummerSlam next month. The most interesting dynamic of the match is Sasha’s mystery partner because the rumor mill almost immediately assumed Bayley would be revealed as her partner at WWE Battleground and finally make her main roster debut.

Bayley Makes Her Entance With the NXT Crowd
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The reason the WWE Universe assumed that it would be Bayley is because her main roster debut has been imminent since April when she dropped the NXT Women’s Championship to Asuka at NXT Takeover: Dallas. Many people expected her to debut on Monday Night Raw the night after Wrestlemania 32. Unfortunately, it wasn’t her night.

Over three months later, Bayley is still in NXT because WWE officials wanted to keep the spotlight on Charlotte and the other women on the roster while she continued to be a top face and poster girl for the NXT brand. It’s been frustrating for many NXT and WWE fans because the powers that be are giving Bayley the red light when they should be flashing the green light.

The WWE Universe has been waiting for Bayley to debut, so when the “mystery partner” angle came up for WWE Battleground, the fans thought it was the perfect opportunity for her main roster debut. Not only would her debut fit with the WWE Draft and brand split, but Bayley’s rivalry/friendship with Sasha Banks is very well known. Bayley also has a history with Charlotte. It still appears to be the best situation for Bayley to debut at WWE Battleground.

Bayley & Sasha Banks Before NXT Takeover Brooklyn
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Unfortunately, Sasha Banks has denied that Bayley will be her tag team partner against Charlotte and Dana Brooke at WWE Battleground. According to a report from, The Boss denied it during an online Q&A session with the WWE Universe, but that isn’t swaying anyone off the idea that her partner will most likely be Bayley.

This wouldn’t be the first time a WWE superstar has denied a rumor only for it to be revealed as the truth at the proper time, and Sasha Banks isn’t going to spoil Bayley’s debut a week early over the internet. However, the WWE Universe should prepare for the possibility that Bayley will not be Banks’ partner at WWE Battleground. But then, who will her partner be?

There have been some rumors of Nia Jax making her WWE main roster debut as well. Sasha Banks has a history with Summer Rae, but that doesn’t seem as likely. Paige has recent history with Charlotte and was involved with the feud a few weeks ago, which makes her a strong possibility to be revealed as Banks’ partner for WWE Battleground.

While there are many possibilities, you’d think that WWE wouldn’t hype up the reveal of Sasha’s partner if there wasn’t a surprise or an ace in the hole. There is nothing wrong with Paige, Summer Rae, or someone less surprising being the mystery partner for Sasha Banks, but the WWE Universe is expecting something big like Bayley’s WWE main roster debut. Anything else will be disappointing and could hurt the potential for Banks vs. Charlotte at SummerSlam.

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