College Students Are Taking Cheating To A New Level With Tech Lifehacks

Diana Price - Author

Jul. 18 2016, Updated 6:44 a.m. ET

As long as there have been colleges, there’s been cheating, but thanks to new technology, some students are taking academic cheating to a whole new level. Forget scribbling notes on your arm or tucking a cheat sheet in your pocket, because students today have smartphones and will even buy test content and term papers online.

The issue of cheating is so widespread in schools from all around the world that it’s getting impossible to control. In an attempt to avoid frauds in baccalaureate exams, the Algerian government temporarily blocked Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites during exam time in June, 2016. Earlier that month, individuals had published exam material on these social networks, and others promoted that exposure.

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Social media networks are game-changing cheating tools for students, but today’s tech generation is not limited to them. They rely on other technologically sophisticated options, including the following.

  • Students use assignment writing services like AssignmentMasters to buy multiple choice answers, essays, research papers, and all other kinds of academic content. These services are gaining momentum on the market since there is no way for teachers and schools to control their usage. Students get custom-tailored plagiarism-free content, so it’s nearly impossible for a teacher to recognize the work that’s been purchased.
  • Graphic calculators, which are allowed into most exams. Students can download cheating material on these calculators. Although many professors and schools are banning them from exam halls, graphic calculators are still among the favorite tools for cheating.
  • Smartphones and tablets are usually not allowed in exam halls, but students find different ways to bring them in. They use them to take pictures of notes and message friends who send the answers to them. A headset elevates the game. Unnoticeable Bluetooth earpieces make communication with the outside world easy. Students connect with their friends outside the exam halls. They have access to the Internet and textbooks, so all answers are at their disposal.
  • Smartwatches look almost like usual watches, but they are powerful tools that can download and store data. In 2015, Kyoto University banned students from wearing any type of watch in an attempt to prevent them from using smartwatches for cheating.

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