Baton Rouge Arrests: 12-Year-Old Jailed Over Alleged Plot To Shoot Police

Baton Rouge arrests continue as police apprehend a 12-year-old boy who was allegedly connected in a plot to kill police officers.

With all the tension tightening in Baton Rouge, arrests and use of force have escalated within the city.

However, age plays no part in the city’s efforts.

According to USA Today, a 12-year-old boy in Baton Rouge was arrested after being identified as one of four suspects in a pawn shop robbery.

During the robbery, the suspects stole weapons, says the report. According to Police Chief Carl Dabadie, one of the suspects allegedly alluded that the guns were for protection against Baton Rouge police officers during protests.

The Times-Picayune state that the 12-year-old is being held at the Juvenile Detention Center on “simple burglary” and “theft of a firearm” charges.

The Baton Rouge incident is still under investigation, according to the source.

Nevertheless, according to the police chief of Baton Rouge, arrests were made because they took the alleged threat as “viable.”

During a press conference regarding the pawn shop robbery, the Baton Rouge chief discussed the incident as well as the police shootings in Dallas.

“We have received questions as to why we used such a show of force during weekend protests, this is why.”

Likewise, East Baton Rouge Sheriff Sid J. Gautreaux mentioned that a combination of recent events led the department to equip its officers during the city’s protests.

The Acadiana Advocate reports differently regarding the Baton Rouge arrests and the department’s police reports.

“Police reports on three young men arrested in a ‘credible threat’ against officers publicized Tuesday show no mention of the comment one made to police about their intention to harm officers nor do the reports show that any of them were booked on counts relating to making intimidating statements.”

Yet, The Hill reports — regarding the Baton Rouge arrests — that Sheriff Gautreaux also states, “We can’t take anything for granted any more.”

“What you saw in the [law enforcement] response is because of the very real and viable threats against law enforcement. Look what happened in Dallas. A very peaceful protest and then some crazy madman.”

But, is that what Baton Rouge “arrests” showed via video?

By now, you’ve probably seen the videos which were captured from neighborhood residents during last week’s protests.

Baton Rouge cops are operating like they were on the streets of Fallujah,” mentions Esquire.

Protesters were being pushed back and boxed in as they chanted “No justice, no peace.”

However, in response, one lady allowed protesters onto her private property in order to resume protests. Yet, Baton Rouge police forced the situation to escalate, as can be seen from the video below.

Disclaimer: The following video contains graphic footage and language. Viewer discretion is advised.

Where was the “viable threat” here? These protesters were given permission by the property’s owner to use her yard as a protest location.

If you’re not aware of the tension around these Baton Rouge arrests, it’s due to the police shooting of Alton Sterling.

According to public consensus, Alton Sterling was publicly executed by Baton Rouge police officers, as the video was captured for all to see.

And, although there was a public cry for justice, no Baton Rouge arrests were made in regard to the two officers.

Likewise, the chief mentioned that the officers made the right call for the situation, even though the video shows that Baton Rouge PD had both his hands pinned.

What are your thoughts on the recent arrests and protests? How do you feel about the blatant force officers used against peaceful protesters? Feel free to share your comments in the section below.

[Photo by Mark Wallheiser/Getty Images]