Apple Fans Are Already Queueing Up For The iPhone 5, 7 Days Before It’s Released

Most tech nerds are practically foaming at the mouth in anticipation of the iPhone 5. That’s understandable as it promises to be great and early reviews have be spectacular so far too. But then there are some people who take it too far.

Step forward two British fans named George Horne and Richard Wheatcroft who have decided to become the first fans to begin queuing outside Apple’s Regent Street store in London. Seven days before it is even released!

Through their plight, though, they’re looking to raise awareness of the charity The Hope Boutique Bakery, which helps vulnerable women find employment and training. They also hope to get the new iPhone too.

The duo arrived in the English capital from their hometown of Leicester on Thursday evening at 6 pm and even decided not to tell any of their family and friends so that they could secure their place in the line.

The 30 year-old Wheatcroft has never actually owned an Apple product before, whilst his 23 year-old accomplice Horne already owns a soon to be outdated iPhone and Mac Book.

Queues for the product are expected to be huge all around the world with each fan looking to be one of the first humans on the planet to own the latest gadget.

It is the thinnest iPhone ever made and has a case that is made from glass and aluminium whilst possessing an eight megapixel camera that can take 28 megapixel panoramic shots. Sounds incredible.

Pre-orders opened this morning as experts predict that there will be an unprecedented demand for the phone.