USC Bans Reporter? Two Week Ban Ends After One Day

When L.A. Daily News reporter Scott Wolf wrote about USC player being injured, the University decided that the best move was to have him banned from the field.

Earlier this week, USC banned the L.A. Daily News reporter from games and practices for two weeks. According to Dr. Saturday, however, the ban only lasted 24 hours. Wolf had a meeting with USC Athletic Director Pat Haden, who decided to allow Wolf back on the field.

According to the L.A. Times, USC issued a statement in August saying that reporters were not allowed to report on injuries or game strategies. When Wolf reported that USC kicker Andre Heidari underwent surgery to repair an injured knee, the school decided to make an example out of the reporter.

Once the ban went into effect, Wolf saw support from several other journalists who said that he was just doing his job.

Gene Warnick, sports editor for the Los Angeles Newspaper Group, said:

“From our standpoint, Scott was doing his job … This wasn’t something that was part of practice. We were just trying to report the news.”

Do you think USC was right to ban the reporter? Is the University’s policy unfair?

After the ban was lifted, Wolf tweeted that he was happy to be back on the field at USC and that he was still talking to the school about a change in their reporting policies.