If the WWE Draft Forces The New Day to Split Up, Kofi Kingston Should Be Elevated to WWE’s Main Event

The New Day has been a phenomenal stable for WWE programming over the past two years. Few stables in WWE have that longevity, especially for a gimmick that was universally hated when it began. Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods were three WWE superstars without purpose on WWE television despite having so much talent. The New Day concept united the three men and gave them the opportunity to become the most successful stable in WWE since The Shield.

The New Day brought back the “Freebird Rule” and have held the WWE World Tag Team Championship longer than any other team in WWE history over their two title reigns. The numbers don’t lie. The stable has been such a success that it is a shame the run ever has to end. Unfortunately, the upcoming WWE Draft on the first edition of SmackDown Live could be the last day of The New Day.

There has been a lot of speculation about the stable’s end over the past several weeks. Apparently, Vince McMahon and other WWE officials are leaning towards splitting up The New Day because they’re concerned that the group isn’t working as well as it once did, and is in danger of getting stale. They would rather break up the group than watch it overstay its welcome.

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Two years is a fantastic run. All three men are capable of becoming successful on their own, especially after the success of The New Day. However, the current WWE creative plans for the three men are for Big E to be the breakout star of the group while Kingston and Woods remain a tag team.

It’s understandable why WWE would want to push Big E over Kingston and Woods. He has the skills in the ring, the look and body type WWE officials love, and he showed great charisma during his time in the stable. However, WWE officials could be taking away the final chance for Kofi Kingston to become a main event player in WWE.

The New Day stable has been such a success that it should catapult at least one WWE superstar into superstardom. Big E and Xavier Woods both have the skills to become very successful over the next several years, but they also have age on their side and can wait for their time to shine. Kofi Kingston has been in WWE for a long time and the time for him to shine is right now.

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Kofi Kingston has been in WWE for a decade now. During that time, he’s won every single championship the company has to offer except for a WWE World Title because he’s never had the momentum or the push to become a main event player in WWE despite a decade of work.

Over his WWE career, Kofi has been a three-time United States Champion, a four-time Intercontinental Champion, and a five-time WWE Tag Team Champion with five different partners. Simply put, there isn’t anything left for him to accomplish in WWE outside of achieving that main event status.

If one man is going to be elevated to the main event after the end of The New Day, there is no question it should be Kofi Kingston. He has a decade of experience under his belt. Kofi has won every undercard championship WWE has to offer and the momentum from his run with The New Day should be more than enough to make him a WWE World Championship contender, especially after the WWE Draft, brand split, and a second world title has been established for SmackDown.

Kofi Kingston deserves the opportunity to challenge for WWE’s biggest prize. Not every WWE superstar is going to become the WWE Champion, but WWE is supposed to be a place where a wrestler pays their dues, gets experience, builds momentum, and strives to be the best. Kofi has done all that already, so he’s earned the opportunity to be considered a top guy in the company.

WWE gave The New Day an opportunity and look what happened. Sometimes, all that is needed is an opportunity. If The New Day splits up, Kofi Kingston should become a main event player in WWE.

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