WWE Rumors: Big E May Turn Heel, Xavier Woods Could Be Red Herring

The WWE World Tag Team Champions The New Day are currently deadlocked in a feud with The Wyatt Family, whose mantra has been “New Day Falls” since the stable’s return to WWE programming a few weeks ago. It hasn’t been announced yet, but it is only a matter of time before WWE sets a match between the two groups for Battleground later this month.

The interesting dynamic has been the behavioral change of Xavier Woods since the inception of the feud with Bray Wyatt and his monsters. The Eater of Worlds appears to have gotten under Woods’ skin, and it poses a very real threat to the future of The New Day on WWE programming.

However, the real threat to New Day is the backstage creative direction of the group. The upcoming WWE Draft and brand split threatens the end of the trio, since WWE officials have to make the decision as to whether to split them up or keep them as a unit. The current storyline implies that New Day will fall, but most are looking at Xavier Woods when they should be looking elsewhere.

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Earlier this week, it was revealed in a previous article that WWE officials were on the fence about breaking up The New Day. It is a hard decision to make, but most within WWE are positive about the future of Big E if the stable breaks up over the next few weeks or sometime soon.

WWE has major plans for Big E for obvious reasons. First and foremost, he’s got the look and in-ring skills that WWE officials favor, plus his run with The New Day has proven the great charisma he can have when given the freedom to do so on WWE TV. Big E will probably receive the biggest singles push out of the trio whenever New Day’s run ends on WWE programming.

The focus has been on Xavier Woods and his fear of Bray Wyatt. The speculation among most of the WWE Universe has been that Woods will betray or directly lead The New Day to lose the WWE Tag Team Championship to the Wyatts at Battleground, or Summerslam if WWE is planning for that to be the climax of the feud.

So much of the focus has been on the character shift of Xavier Woods that it doesn’t seem plausible for Big E or Kofi Kingston to turn against the group. However, a rumor reported by Ring Talkk has some people thinking that Xavier Woods could be a red herring going into WWE Battleground, and it could be Big E that turns heel against his brothers.

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The WWE Universe loves The New Day. It took the powers that be in WWE a long time to turn the group face, but they took off running once they were officially a face group. If WWE is going to break them up, allowing them to be split by the WWE Draft is the easy way out and takes away a lot of content that the trio spent roughly two years building.

Simply put, the stable deserves a much better ending, which would most likely cause a heel turn by one of the trio. If WWE believes that Big E is the breakout star of The New Day, he’s the most logical choice for the heel turn. On paper, Xavier Woods doesn’t have the look of Big E or the experience of Kofi Kingston to be a main event player in WWE. Kingston is more likely, but he has a much stronger connection with the WWE Universe based on the time he has had in WWE.

A heel turn for Big E makes the most sense creatively if WWE is planning to push him when the brand split is official, plus it would be something new for him as he rises up the ranks of the company to become a big time player. It’ll be a shame to see the end of New Day, but catapulting Big E to the next level of WWE seems like the very least WWE officials could do to capitalize on one of the best stable runs of the last decade.

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