'Star Wars' Star Mark Hamill Dishes On Episode VIII Secrets

Directors and producers go to greater and greater lengths to keep film spoilers from being leaked to the public and for franchises like Star Wars, the endeavor to keep movie details under wraps can be a major production in itself. Mark Hamill opened up about the lengths to which Star Wars producers go to keep everything top secret and away from prying eyes, detailing procedures that are as bothersome to the actors involved as they are costly to the production company's bottom line. Hamill also talked about his iconic role as Luke Skywalker and where that path has led him as an actor.

Mark Hamill Dishes On The Secrecy Of Star Wars: Episode VIII

While fans are clamoring for any details on the next Star Wars film, Mark Hamill revealed to Vanity Fair that keeping those spoilers from leaking out to the public can be as frustrating to the actors as it is for the fans. The Star Wars sets are treated with more sensitivity than some government agencies, with some methods that include printing scripts on dark red paper to render photocopying impossible and monitoring the actors' social media accounts. Those are just some ways in which the producers make creating the film an intrusive and difficult process for the performers as well as the crew.

"It can be really annoying and intrusive," says Mr. Hamill, when asked how he feels about the secrecy surrounding Star Wars projects. "You get call sheets, there are no names; everybody's got a number. You know, you're number 11. You're 33. You're looking at call sheets wondering who's working today. You go, 'Oh, I love 22's work. She's twice as good as 11!"

Although Mark dislikes the clandestine policies that surround films like the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VIII, the actor says he does understand the need for it.

"It's just that they want the surprise to be in the movie theaters, not the internet."

Mark Hamill On Star Wars: Episode VIII And Playing Luke Skywalker Again

In reporting on the Star Wars Celebration Europe at London's ExCel Centre on Friday, Variety shared more on Mark Hamill's viewpoints on revealing Episode VIII details. The actor told an eager crowd that, while they hoped to get even a few details about the new Star Wars film, he was contractually obligated to keep everything to himself. Of course, that same gag order applied to Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but now that pretty much everyone has seen the film, Hamill was able to talk more about that experience.

Prior to the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, speculation regarding Hamill's role in the film grew to epic proportions, particularly since Mark received second billing and was never featured in any of the teasers. As Star Wars fans all now know, this is because Luke Skywalker only briefly appeared at the end of the film, when Rey (Daisy Ridley) finally finds him. Roll credits.

"I was nervous," Hamill says. "Say I turned and people groaned? But I want to do all movies like that — 30 seconds work and second billing. It's the most elaborate entrance in show business history. I wasn't insulted. I thought it was a great surprise."

During the interview, Mark expounded on his Star Wars co-stars Harrison Ford, whom he likened to the youngest of the Beatles, and Carrie Fisher, with whom Hamill seemed to regret losing contact. Even so, he recollected that they all got along well on the set, bringing up nostalgic memories of good times on the set of the first Star Wars film.

"Even in a scene where Ben Kenobi was struck down, we were laughing," reveals Mark Hamill. "It was goofier than hell. There was a guy with an eight-foot dog costume on. I loved swinging across the Death Star chasm with the Princess. They got it in one take. They flew me all around the set like Peter Pan. George was like, 'If he hits the wall like Wile. E. coyote, the movie is off!"

Star Wars: Episode VIII is scheduled to hit theaters on December 15, 2017.

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