Alien Hunter Photographs Bizarre Golden UFO In Palm Harbor, Florida [Photo]

A UFO hunter in Palm Harbor, Florida, reports spotting a bizarre golden UFO in a photo he captured while out hunting for UFOs.

According to the anonymous witness in a report to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) filed as Case 77399 in the organization’s reporting database, the mysterious sighting occurred on July 2, 2016.

The witness filed a report and a photo showing the mysterious UFO on July 3, 2016.

According to the witness’ report, he was out searching for UFOs when he snapped a photo of the twilight. He did not notice anything unusual at the time he snapped the photo, but he recalled wishing that the “beings would show themselves” as he snapped the photo, Open Minds TV reports.

And while reviewing the photos he snapped during UFO hunting the next day, he discovered a mysterious anomaly in the twilight photo.

“I was asking in my head for the beings to show themselves to me,” the UFO hunter told MUFON. “Looks like I was answered because as I was taking photos of the last light of the day, I caught an anomaly or entity in one of my photos that I only noticed the next day.”

The witness assured MUFON investigators that the photo showing a strange “anomaly” or “entity” was not digitally altered.

“Very strange; I did not tamper with the photo except zoom in to show more detail on the anomaly.”

Based on the witness’ account, we may surmise that he was attempting to summon UFOs telepathically.

Some alien hunters known as UFO summoners claim that they are able to summon UFOs and aliens through telepathic communication and meditation.

Some of the best known members of the UFO summoners movement are Robert Bingham, Fausto Perez, Jim Martina, and Stephen Grier, according to Before Its News.

Another well-known UFO summoner was Ramon Watkins, alias Prophet Yahweh, who reportedly died of a heart attack in 2014. The Las Vegas man claimed he was able to use Bible passages to summon UFOs and aliens.

According to Watkins, Yahweh is God’s name and he is a powerful space-faring alien from another planet who visits Earth.

UFO summoners claim to be able to summon extraterrestrial beings and alien spacecraft using telepathy. Some believe that UFOs are “alien entities” that are a cross between advanced alien spacecraft technology and biological beings and that it is possible to communicate with the alien-UFO entities telepathically and to make them appear in the sky.

Bingham, who pioneered the practice of UFO summoning, often challenged critics and skeptics by inviting them to “summoning events” where he tried to prove his summoning powers and demonstrate the existence of alien entities and UFOs.

The video (see below) shows a “summoning event” held on May 18, 2013, in Los Angeles, California.

Three mysterious triangle-shaped UFOs allegedly appeared in the sky at Bingham’s behest in the presence of more than 100 eyewitnesses, according to Doubtful News.

The video below shows another UFO summoning event held on May 19, 2012. It allegedly shows a demonstration of Bingham’s power to communicate telepathically with extraterrestrial beings and command them to appear in UFOs.

The controversial UFO summoner claimed to have summoned bright golden UFOs in the presence of multiple witnesses who were stunned to witness a rare demonstration of Bingham’s paranormal powers.

But critics and skeptics have often questioned the purpose of merely summoning UFOs to appear in the sky. Skeptics have asked why summoners appear unable to convince the aliens in UFOs to land and introduce themselves to humanity.

Pointing out the fact that most UFO videos uploaded online by summoners are blurred and generally of poor quality, a skeptic challenged summoners in an Above Top Secret forum, saying, “If you can summon UFOs, summon them to come and land in a field somewhere and take very close-up video and clear pictures of it.”

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