New On Netflix: Original Series ‘Stranger Things’, ‘Ghostbusters’ Documentary, And More

Stranger Things is likely to be the next big Netflix Originals series that all of your friends are talking about. Winona Ryder is the most recognizable name in the series, which finally became available to stream on-demand this weekend, along with a few other goodies from Netflix. While Netflix opened the flood gates for new content at the beginning of the month — with movies that included the Back to the Future and Lethal Weapon franchises and several new Netflix Original series — the on-demand streaming service has additional offerings to unleash this weekend.

What follows is a quick look at the content Netflix is unleashing during the weekend that marks the half-way point of July. On top of Stranger Things, the fist season of Magi: The Adventures of Sinbad can now be streamed via Netflix, as can new seasons from The Adventure of Puss in Boots and Todd Margaret (starring David Cross).

Winona Ryder stars in the Netflix Original series Stranger Things [Image via Netflix].
It’s a good time of the month for fans of documentaries as well, since both Ghostheads and Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru record the lives superfans of the Ghostbusters franchise and the world’s most famous self-help author. New films being added include Fighting (Channing Tatum, Terrence Howard), Gridlocked (Dominic Purcell, Cody Hackman), Holidays (with Kevin Smith as a contributing director), and Rebirth, another Netflix Original.

Netflix Original Series: Stranger Things

Whether you were raised on The Bad News Bears, Goonies, or The Sandlot, there’s likely a movie you loved when you were a kid that involved a group of socially-awkward youths getting in way over their heads and somehow pulling things together and winning the day in comical fashion. Now that you’re an adult, Stranger Things takes those same kinds of kids and adds some X-Files-worthy sci-fi, a touch of The NeverEnding Story‘s fantasy and a healthy dose of Stephen King’s horror and thrill. Without revealing any significant spoilers, Winona Ryder’s child goes mysteriously missing after a rousing game of Dungeons and Dragons, and the new Sheriff in town gets very suspicious of a secret government program being housed in his small community’s forest. As Fangoria noted, Stranger Things is “a story evocative of Stephen King and ’80s supernatural thriller pulp novels that balances brilliant character work and gripping genre storytelling effortlessly.”

Ghostbusters Superfans Documentary

Obviously released on Netflix to coincide with the theatrical release of the highly-anticipated Ghostbusters film, this documentary is about the most hardcore fans of all things Ghostbusters — and how some of them become heroes on their own time. If you need help spotting all of the Easter eggs, cameos, and other geek-heavy shout outs packed into the new Ghostbusters film, any one of the subjects from Ghostheads would be a perfect person to help you find them. The following was noted by a self-professed super-fan from the Ghostbusters Fans website.

“The movie is not without a dark side, however. Ghostheads aims to show several different sides of the Ghostbusters fan community. We see how our fellow fans live, and the difficulties that some live with every day. It shares the hardships that befall the fans, both caused by outside forces as well as resulting from their own lifestyle choices.”

Tony Robbins: Rated TV-MA

Everybody knows who Tony Robbins is. If the name sounds familiar but you just can’t picture him, the moment you see Tony Robbins, the recognition is instant. But if you haven’t bought into his self-help books and seminars, you may know little more about Tony Robbins than what you might see in a film like Shallow Hal. Unfortunately, as noted by the Indie Wire website, I Am Not Your Guru isn’t necessarily an unbiased look at Tony Robbins.

“By existing entirely within the confines of the world he’s created, the movie actively resists any possible skepticism about his unique skill. For the most part, Berlinger’s camera just watches in awe alongside everyone else.”

The documentary gives viewers a sneak-peak at the $5,000 seminars hosted by Tony Robbins, including a look at the guru backstage during his seminars and a brief conversation about the abuse he suffered as a child.


Of course, Netflix is the source of eternal streaming content, so there are more titles that will be available to stream between now and July 31. Netflix subscribers can look forward to the newest seasons of Liv and Maddie (July 19), BoJack Horseman (July 22), DeGrassi: Next Class (July 22), LEGO Bionicle: The Journey to One (July 29) and Hit Record on TV with Joseph Gordon-Levitt (July 31). New movies coming later this month include The Wave, Last Chance U and Tallulah.

According to the list provided by Heavy, here is everything that Netflix will be releasing over this weekend.

  • The Adventures of Puss in Boots, Season 3
  • Fighting (2009)
  • Ghostheads (2016)
  • Gridlocked (2015)
  • Holidays (2016)
  • Magi: The Adventures of Sinbad, Season 1
  • Rebirth (2016)
  • Stranger Things, Season 1
  • Todd Margaret, Season 3
  • Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru (2016)

Still trending on Netflix from earlier this month include Showtime’s Shameless, IFC’s Todd Margaret, and the Netflix Original series Marcella, Marco Polo, and Between. It won’t be long, however, before Stranger Things joins the trending ranks.

[Image via Netflix/Stranger Things]

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