Netflix And Chill: Top Picks For The ‘420’ Holiday On April 20

Dustin Murrell - Author

Apr. 19 2016, Updated 4:12 p.m. ET

Since it’s not yet recognized by the federal government, those who want to celebrate the unofficial “marijuana holiday” of 4/20 at home on the couch will have to call in sick on Wednesday. The marriage of Netflix and the annual stoner celebration seems only natural — on what other day are people more likely to be “chill” than the 420 date of April 20? So whether “Netflix and Chill” means you’re inviting over a crush named Mary — or zoning out with some kush Mary Jane — here are some of the top choices to binge-watch on Netflix this week.

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For nostalgia’s sake

Added at the beginning of the month, the first four seasons (99 episodes) of Animaniacs are now available on Netflix. Most millennials remember the cartoon variety show as a television program that taught catchy songs about the countries of the globe, introduced the world to Pinky and the Brain, and lead a new generation of youngsters to the sort of sarcasm and subtle social commentary provided by the Warner Bros. classics to which the show paid homage.

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Other nostalgic options for a “Netflix and Chill” session on April 20: Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Malcolm in the Middle, and The X-Files.

For serious bingeing

What show would be more appropriate to binge during the week of April 20 than Weeds? All eight seasons (102 episodes) are available to stream on Netflix. For the uninitiated, the 30-minute Showtime comedy/drama follows a suburban widow and her extended family (and friends) as she learns to master life as a marijuana queenpin. If that’s too right-on-the-nose for your 420-themed celebration, then Wilfred may serve as a suitable substitute. While not the focus of the show, Elijah Wood’s character is seen in almost every single episode smoking pot with his neighbor’s dog (who he just happens to see as a human in a dog costume).

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Other TV shows worth binge-watching that include recurring marijuana moments: Breaking Bad, That 70’s Show, Blue Mountain State

For a quickie

Maybe you’re not the type of person that celebrates 4/20 all day. Maybe you don’t even have time for an entire movie. If you are looking for a one-and-done that isn’t a marathon, Doug Benson: Doug Dynasty may be just what you’re looking for. As a comic who starred in a 90-minute documentary called Super High Me (also available on Netflix), he has as much material about marijuana as any modern comic. Luckily, he’s also intelligent, so it’s the kind of stoner comedy that doesn’t make the listener feel dumb. If you have even less than one hour, some single sitcom episodes on Netflix that are weed-centric have been listed below.

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Single episodes to stream that focus on weed: American Dad (Season 2, Episode 19, “Joint Custody”), Roseannne Collection (Collection 2, Episode 1, “A Stash From The Past”), Bob’s Burgers (Season 3, Episode 3, “Bob Fires the Kids”)

For expanding your mind

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While the aforementioned Super High Me is legitimately educational and entertaining, the findings aren’t exactly what you’d call mind-blowing. If looking at the back of your hand seems amazing, brace yourself for something a little more complex. Brain Games may have a very cerebral impact on a viewer that has already started celebrating the only holiday other than St. Patrick’s Day that is marked by a green leaf and generally results in a less-than-sober mind. Some of the things they teach you about how your brain works will have you in awe — even if you aren’t celebrating 4/20!

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Other Netflix programming that can both expand your mind and blow it away: Planet Earth, Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, and Chasing Monsters.

For the cinephile

A stereotypical “stoner flick” generally isn’t going to get high praise (pun intended) from a respectable movie critic. Thanks to directors like Kevin Smith and Judd Apatow, however, there are a lot of pot-friendly movies that aren’t completely insulting on an intellectual level. And while a film like Pineapple Express isn’t available on Netflix (but it is on Hulu Plus), there’s really no movie that exemplifies pot culture more than Half Baked. Starring living-comedy-legend Dave Chappelle, it is responsible for Jon Stewart’s infamous role as the “Enhancement Smoker” before he became the liberal mouthpiece of post-9/11 political commentary.

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Other stoner flicks available on Netflix that have stood the test of time: Cheech and Chong’s Up In Smoke, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, and American Beauty.

For something new

Still popping up under the “New Arrivals” section while browsing Netflix, Kung Fury is nothing if not a movie made for someone who has been celebrating the 420 holiday extensively. Rotten Tomatoes describes the plot: “A Miami martial-artist/cop travels back in time to kill ‘kung-fuhrer’ Hitler.” One reviewer summed up their feelings about the 30-minute film quite nicely.

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“I know I shouldn’t like Kung Fury. I know it’s cheap and dumb and makes literally no sense. But it ticked so many of my appeal-boxes I absolutely cannot walk away from this…”

- Blockquote close

If there’s a little too much “chill” in your “Netflix and Chill” evening, this short is sure to liven the mood.

Other recent Netflix additions good to watch on April 20: The Seventies, Moonwalkers, and Trailer Park Boys.

More April releases

Of course, whether or not “420” means anything to you personally, Netflix has some quality content yet to be released this month. While the second seasons of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and How To Get Away With Murder were added last week, Digital Trends notes that a new Patton Oswalt special (Talking For Clapping) will be available April 22, and the blockbuster Minions can be streamed just two days later.

Other movies yet to be released this month include Catching The Sun, Begin Again, Hellion, Special Correspondents, and Team Foxcatcher. TV shows available on Netflix before the month of May include The Fosters (Season 3), Danger Mouse (Season 1), and Sensitive Skin (Season 2).

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