D.L. Hughey Rips Megyn Kelly And Fox News: ‘This Is The Only Place Racism Doesn’t Exist’ [VIDEO]

D.L. Hughley ripped into Fox News over their views on police brutality and denial of racism, leaving host Megyn Kelly visibly stunned as she was forced to end the segment, Yahoo! News reports.

The segment was supposed to focus on the recent police shootings, including that of Philando Castile, but instead it quickly launched into an increasingly tense, bitter back-and-forth about racial divides in America in a segment that left both sides fuming. The full, heated exchange can be seen in the video below.

Hughley began by slamming the network’s decision to have Mark Fuhrman, a Fox News contributor who gained notoriety during the O.J. Simpson trial for being portrayed as a racist cop, commenting on the recent police shootings on the Kelly File, as the New York Daily reports. Hughley found it ironic to have a cop known for racism and who had been caught committing perjury speak about current shootings involving police officers, such as the death of Philando Castile.

“I think that cops have a different perspective than us and I think it was interesting to hear Mark Fuhrman, who got in trouble for perjuring himself call someone a liar. It’s ridiculous to me,” Hughley said, dismissing Fuhrman’s earlier comments.

“Most reasonable people will give you that,” Kelly admitted. “But you know what shuts down all reasonable dialogue is throwing out the term racism before it’s been proven.”

Hughley responded saying that there’s a “benefit of the doubt” given to police officers. “Obviously they do a tough job,” Hughley conceded, but he pointed to a 2006 FBI report warning that law enforcement agencies “are rife” with white supremacist groups, and that every black man he knows has had to deal with the police in some matter.

“I don’t know a black man that hasn’t had a run-in with police — from the highest to the lowest,” Hughley said.

“You’ve been backed up on that by many people,” she replied. But Kelly later chided Hughley for categorizing all police as the same.

“It’s very dangerous when you get to the point where you paint an entire group with the same brush based on the bad actions of a few,” Kelly said.

Hughley went on offense, questioning why cops are given a presumption of innocence, even when shootings are captured on camera or live-streamed, as in the case of Philandro Castile.

“We could see somebody getting shot down death…'[They’ll say] we don’t know what happened before. We don’t know what happened after,’” Hughley said, and then asked why the first question when a black man is caught with a gun in an open-carry state isn’t, “Do you have a permit for that?”

Kelly chimed in, saying, “You’re making assumptions because we don’t know what happened,” which resulted in an argument over the facts of the Philandro Castile case.

At one point Hughley simply said, “Wow,” to which Kelly angrily responded, “Don’t ‘wow’ me.”

“Don’t tell me not to wow you,” Hughley countered. “I can say wow if I want to.” He then ripped into Fox News for their handling of matters of race and racism in America, using sarcasm to drive his point home.

“The only place racism doesn’t exist is Fox News and the police department.”

In retort, Kelly said Hughley’s comments offended Fox News viewers. Hughley quickly made it certain that he did not care about insulting Fox News or its viewers.

“I’m insulted by the things I hear on this network, so we’re even. I couldn’t care less about insulting people who insult me on a daily basis.”

As it became more apparent that Kelly had lost control of the segment, she tried to redirect Hughley, asking him to stop with the insults and return to the conversation at hand, but Hughley would not. Megyn Kelly ended the segment.

What do you think? Watch the video below and tell us, has Fox News been “fair and balanced” when it comes to reporting on such topics as racism, police brutality, and Black Lives Matter?