‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Who Gets Evicted From ‘BB18’ House On July 14?

Big Brother 18 spoilers paint two pictures about who gets evicted from the BB18 house on July 14. In one scenario, the houseguests stick with the original plan of evicting Tiffany Rousso. In the newer possible scenario, the house would evict Bronte D’Acquisto in a very one-sided vote. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, it appeared that a new alliance had formed in the BB18 house which was ready to turn against Frank Eudy and Bridgette Dunning. A report from early Thursday on live feed fan site Joker’s Updates continues to show how close Frank is to an eviction.

The overnight Big Brother 18 spoilers from late July 13 and into the early hours of July 14 revealed a lot on the live feeds. Paulie Calafiore, Zakiyah Everette, Nicole Franzel, Corey Brooks, and Michelle Meyer formed an alliance to save Tiffany Rousso and evict Bronte D’Acquisto. The group quickly agreed to keep this plan a secret and to not tell anyone. The fear was that it could shift votes, and this alliance wanted Frank to be kept in the dark. Within the hour, the alliance had already told Tiffany the plan, but she has every incentive to keep it quiet for now.

So who gets evicted from the BB18 house on July 14? Unless something big shifts the game again on Thursday, then Bronte D’Acquisto is going to get a surprise one-on-one meeting with Julie Chen. More Big Brother 18 spoilers will come out on Thursday night, as the new Head of Household will have a lot of power and likely a plan in mind for the Week 4 nominations. It’s highly possible that the Week 4 HOH competition is also going to be an endurance challenge, so CBS viewers will have to look for information on the winner online.

Outgoing HOH Bridgette Dunning appears to be completely in the dark about what is taking place in the BB18 house. She is going to be extremely surprised when it turns out that a member of her Spy Girls alliance is going to get evicted from the game. The blame will fall mostly on Frank Eudy for nominating Bronte after he won the Week 3 Roadkill competition. That might break up the strong-looking alliance that Bridgette and Frank had formed over the past week. What it might also wake her up to is that the rest of the BB18 house wants her evicted right after Frank.

Although these Big Brother 18 spoilers make it seems assured that the houseguest getting evicted on July 14 will be Bronte D’Acquisto, it also wouldn’t be that surprising if the new alliance backed away from this plan. Many of the houseguests have been waffling about whether to send Bronte or Tiffany Rousso out the door, so no fans of the BB18 live feeds should be shocked if the eviction plan shifts again. Time is running out for it to change, though, as the houseguests are about to get locked down as production begins prep for the “live” Thursday night episode.

If either Frank Eudy or Bridgette Dunning fail to win the Week 4 HOH competition, they need Category 4 to win it in order to provide safety. That would mean Paulie Calafiore or Michelle Meyer not throwing the challenge. The only other option for safety is if Natalie Negrotti won the power, as she would not nominate Bridgette. For Frank, this could be the beginning of the end for his time in the BB18 house. Stay tuned fans of the show, because more Big Brother 18 spoilers could come out on July 14 if he figures out the new plan and that he is on the chopping block next.

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