Ryan Serhant On Getting Married: ‘I Will Never, Ever, Ever, Ever Forget This Moment’

Mary Jane

Ryan Serhant has been spending the last few weeks in Greece, finalizing things before his wedding to Emilia Bechrakis that took place last week. Ryan was excited about getting married in Greece, as he suggested the location on Million Dollar Listing: New York because he wasn't keen on getting married on his parents' ranch. In addition, he wanted to make his wife happy, and since she's from Athens, he felt that it was the perfect location. These days, the newly married couple is spending time together in Greece alongside family and friends. And pictures from the nuptials are starting to surface online.

According to a new Instagram post, Ryan Serhant is now revealing that the wedding day was a very special moment in his life, and it is one that he won't soon forget. He isn't sharing too many details about the wedding, as the Bravo producers captured the entire wedding and the months leading up to it. The footage will be shown in a wedding special that will air on the network in the fall. But Ryan is so happy as a newlywed man that he can't keep himself from sharing some memories on social media.

Emilia Bechrakis will play a bigger role in this wedding special than she has done on Million Dollar Listing: New York. And based on the previews for this special, it sounds like the wedding planning wasn't easy. In fact, the two considered calling off the wedding during the planning because it was so stressful for them to do. And this could have something to do with time, as they are both very busy in their respective careers. But Serhant knew that he wanted to get married when he met her.

"From the moment I met Emilia, I knew it would be pretty incredible to do it in Greece and be surrounded by everyone close to us," Serhant told People before getting married, adding, "But I did have a few ideas that are not transpiring. I originally wanted six Apache helicopters to fly in and drop me and my brothers down into the wedding."

Even though Ryan Serhant had some grand plans for his wedding, Emilia may have played a role in keeping it small and intimate. And it is possible that their wedding didn't hit the million-dollar mark, something it surely would have if he got his Apache helicopters. Luckily, he was able to listen to what Emilia wanted, and they found a romantic compromise. But since he is a real estate agent with a million-dollar budget, one can imagine he does have some surprises up his sleeve.

What do you think about Ryan Serhant's comments about his wedding? Will be you watching the Million Dollar Listing: New York special that will document Ryan and Emilia's wedding this fall?

[Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images]