Gary Johnson Polls: Many 2016 Voters 'Feel The Johnson' After Bernie Sanders Endorses Hillary Clinton

Aaron Homer

Gary Johnson's poll numbers are rising! The Libertarian Party candidate is enjoying unprecedented support for a third-party nominee, and as disappointed Bernie Sanders voters weigh their options now that Sanders has officially put his support behind Hillary Clinton, the former New Mexico governor may attract even more potential voters to his side.

On Tuesday, Rare Magazine reported that Johnson was polling at 12 percent, up from ten percent in mid-June. Those unprecedented numbers are significant for three reasons.

In fact, disappointed Sanders voters may find a lot of common ground in Johnson's platform. In addition to opposing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well foreign military intervention in general. The socially liberal candidate also supports gay marriage, marijuana legalization (and ending the Drug War completely), and abortion rights, among other traditionally "liberal" causes.

— Latinos For Johnson (@Latinos4Johnson) July 13, 2016

"If [former Republican Massachusetts Governor and Johnson running mate] Bill Weld were at the top of the ticket, it would be very easy for me to vote for Bill Weld for president. So I'll get to know Gary Johnson better and see if he's someone who I could end up voting for. That's something which I'll evaluate over the coming weeks and months."

— Jeremy Abbott (@LeJeremyAbbott) July 8, 2016

"I resigned as a matter of conscience. I believe that Donald Trump's candidacy is antithetical to the values of my country and the Republican Party, and I don't desire to assist him in any way."

— Raul Ruiz, Jr. (@linuxguy45) July 14, 2016

Do you believe Gary Johnson's rising poll numbers indicate that he has a legitimate shot at the White House?

[Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]