July 13, 2016
Kate Middleton Pregnant? Report Claims Duchess Kate Expecting Baby No. 3 By Christmas

Kate Middleton is rumored to be pregnant again, with one report claiming that Duchess Kate is expecting her third child to be a Christmas baby.

There has been plenty of attention paid to Duchess Kate and her plans for a family, with an entire cottage industry built up around speculation of her pregnancies and arrival of the royal babies. The birth of her first two children became worldwide events, complete with commemorative plates and royal baby parties, so it's no surprise that reports of a potential third pregnancy would go viral with an international audience.

That's precisely what's happening this week, as a report from Life & Style claiming that Duchess Kate is pregnant with her third baby is making waves. The cover of the U.S.-based celebrity news magazine claimed that Kate Middleton's pregnancy is now "official" and even giving a timeline for when she would be due.

"She is due on Christmas. Kate and William are overjoyed," an insider told the magazine. "They don't mind whether No. 3 is a boy or a girl. They already have one of each, so they just want their next child to be healthy."

There's apparently a lot of excitement across the royal family, as the report claims that Queen Elizabeth thinks that another grandchild would be a "fabulous present for her 90th birthday this year."

But despite the reports, there is plenty of doubt as to whether Kate Middleton is actually pregnant again. For one, there have been reports for months that she was pregnant, with some reports claiming that Duchess Kate was expecting twins. More often than not, they turn out to be false.

The report about twins --- which came back in April and also from Life & Style --- claimed that the pregnancy was a complete surprise to Kate and Prince William

"Kate and William were totally shocked when they found out," a source told the outlet. "They couldn't speak at first and both burst out laughing and crying."

But there would be no way for both the April report and the current one claiming Kate will give birth by Christmas could be true. The earlier story suggested that Duchess Kate had been pregnant since sometime late in 2015 or very early in 2016, while the latest report suggested that she got pregnant sometime in the early spring of this year.

There are also some media outlets calling foul on the Kate Middleton pregnancy story. The site Gossip Cop, which exists solely to debunk reports from celebrity tabloids, claims that Life & Style is just making up this story, as it did back in April.

"Tellingly, this new version less than three months later says nothing about twins. Now a real royal insider exclusively assures Gossip Cop that these latest reports of her being pregnant are "not true," and any valid announcement would come from the palace. A U.S. tabloid is not going to break the news, particularly an outlet that has previously run all the erroneous pregnancy covers seen below."
Despite Life & Style's claim that the pregnancy is "official," there is no word out of Kensington Palace about a third baby for Kate and William. And there are also no outward signs yet that Kate Middleton might be pregnant. Some media outlets are claiming that she sported what would be a "tiny baby bump" at an appearance earlier this month, but it's very difficult to tell.

And if she is expecting again, Duchess Kate seems to be avoiding the ill-effects of her first two pregnancies. Kate suffered a form of severe morning sickness that kept her bedridden for much the time when she was pregnant with Prince George and Princess Charlotte but has been making public appearances lately and not looking at all ill.

So if Kate Middleton really is pregnant and expecting a baby by Christmas, she may be keeping it quiet at least a little bit longer.

[Photo by David Rowland/Getty Images]