July 13, 2016
Calvin Harris Takes To Twitter For Epic Rant Calling Out Taylor Swift After 'This Is What You Came For' Controversy

In the six weeks since Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris broke up, a lot has been happening and the most recent development and point of controversy is the revelation that Taylor wrote Calvin's newest chart topping single "This Is What You Came For." Right after Harris confirmed the story, he immediately started slamming Taylor in a series of tweets.

The controversy around the song is the fact that Taylor's name does not appear on the official credits for the song, and, in fact, the name that was given as a contributor is Nils Sjoberg, which is actually an alias of Taylor Swift. It seems that Calvin and Taylor did not want the publicity and media sensation that was their relationship to overshadow the song itself, so he brought in Rihanna as the main singer and they did their best to keep the pop star, who is famous for her break-ups, off the track.

Rumors have abounded that this secret collaboration the then-couple undertook is what led to the end of their relationship. However, it was not until one of Taylor's representatives gave a candid interview to People Magazine that the truth about Taylor writing the song came out, and Calvin retweeted the article, even adding some compliments to his ex-girlfriend in there.

The DJ stated that not only did the international pop sensation write the song, but that she also lent her voice to the track. Those eerie "Ooohs" that are in the background of Rihanna's leading vocals on the track were all Taylor's, spliced in by Harris himself. The same tweet called the Grammy-winning songstress an "amazing lyric writer" who, "as usual" "smashed it" in her contributions to the song. Calvin Harris then went on to tweet about his own part in the song, having written the music, "produced the song, arranged it and cut the vocals." He also point blank stated that she is the one who wanted to keep it a secret that she had a hand in the track, hence the use of the pseudonym.

And naturally no one has to be told that Taylor Swift has talent, as Teen Vogue pointed out -- her numerous Grammy awards and the fact that she has written several of her own past hits, like "Blank Space," "Red," and "22."

Harris did not stop there, and what he added was a gloves-off request to have Taylor leave him out of whatever controversy she was trying to stir up. Those who have been following their relationship will remember that the end seemed amicable, with Harris tweeting that there was still love and respect between them, but that was before the pictures of his very recent ex-girlfriend cozying up to Tom Hiddleston surfaced. Soon after, the ex-couple deleted all traces of each other off their respective social media accounts.

Calvin Harris followed the first two benign tweets with one that expressed hurt, and what seems like a bit of disappointment that Taylor Swift and her people are now trying to make it seem as if he was at fault for how the credits for "This Is What You Came For" ended up.
"Hurtful to me at this point that her and her team would go so far out of their way to try and make ME look bad at this stage though."
He followed that one up with several more tweets which suggested that if she is so happy in her new relationship, then that is what she should be focusing on instead of trying to tear down her ex just to have something to do.
The words got harsher and Just Jared was quick to report that Calvin even brought up the infamous feud with Katy Perry, making it known that he is not about to be her new target and then telling her to focus on the great life she has earned and the positive aspects of it.
Harris ended his brief twitter rant by wishing everyone a great day. It remains to be seen if these tweets will eventually be taken down too, but the words will live on.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]