Jenelle Evans Upset Over ‘Being Barbara’ Special, ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Slams MTV

Jenelle Evans has had a strained relationship with her mother for as long as she has been filming with MTV. Barbara Evans is currently raising Jenelle’s oldest son because she was unable to do so herself. It has caused a great deal of tension among the mother and daughter duo, much of which has been captured on the cameras. Evans was introduced to the world of reality television during the second installment of 16 & Pregnant. It was then that the relationship between Barbara and Jenelle was shown to be strained.

The last two seasons of Teen Mom 2 have shown Jenelle Evans talking about getting custody of her son back from her mom. Barbara Evans has been reluctant to listen to her daughter because of the poor choices she has made in life. While things have significantly improved in recent months, Barbara is still not comfortable with Jace living with Jenelle. According to Radar Online, Jenelle Evans is angry with MTV once again. This time, it is because she feels slammed by the network and her mother. They filmed a reality show with Barbara Evans titled Being Barbara. Apparently, Jenelle promoted the special without actually watching it. Now that she has seen what happened, she is furious that her mother made her look bad and that the network encouraged it.

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It looks like this special has caused Jenelle Evans to threaten to quit Teen Mom 2 again. Filming just recently began and she is already unhappy. Evans is incredibly sensitive to how she is portrayed on the show, even if it is the same thing she portrays out in public. She has slammed MTV over edits she claims they did to manipulate a situation in order to cause drama. A lot has gone on over the years, and some things Evans just can’t hide from. Barbara Evans is also filming for the show because she has custody of Jace, which means that even if Jenelle does walk away, her mother will still be on the network’s payroll.

A lot has changed for Jenelle Evans since she lost custody of her son to her mother, Barbara Evans. She has made plenty of mistakes and bad choices, but over the last several months has worked hard to rectify the past. Evans had another son with ex-boyfriend Nathan Griffith. He recently turned 2 years old, and she has been raising him on her own with little help from Griffith for almost a year. Barbara has allowed Jace to spend weekends with his mom but has been hesitant to fully give her daughter the control for fear of what could happen in the future. Their custody issues have been shown on Teen Mom 2 and they are still working through the courts to find what is best for Jace since they cannot agree on their own.

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While Jenelle Evans and her mother are likely already filming for Teen Mom 2, it will be interesting to see if she is going to continue on and ride out the new contract she signs. It is a season by season basis, which means she will have to continue on until the reunion special is taped sometime this fall or early winter. Evans is really upset about the things that were said on the Being Barbara special and likely has confronted her mom about it. There was hope that the two would move forward and work together for the sake of Jace and their relationship, but it appears things will always be tense between the two. Jenelle Evans is going to have to make a hard decision about her intentions with the network and filming, especially since the threats of quitting and not following through are getting old.

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