Brazilian Breast Lift: Fat Transfers Without Implants And New Natural Breast Enhancement Surgeries

With the popularity of plastic surgery procedures being displayed on reality TV shows, advances in cosmetic procedures are of great interest to folks who seek out the healthiest ways to enhance their bodies. As reported by E! News, a recent episode of Botched showed Dr. Terry Dubrow draining a woman named Ilana’s large breast implants that she’d gotten to try and satisfy her ex-boyfriend. When the size 38F breasts still didn’t please the man, Ilana left him and turned to Dr. Dubrow to “feel normal again.”


Dr. Dubrow’s “stabbing” of the breast implants with needles to help drain the saline fluid within the implants isn’t the only innovative way of enhancing and improving breasts — or reversing unwanted breast surgeries. With the advent of the “explantation” movement taking place that feature plenty of testimonies of women who are getting their breast implants removed for various reasons, women are seeking more natural ways to enhance their breasts.