July 13, 2016
Brazilian Breast Lift: Fat Transfers Without Implants And New Natural Breast Enhancement Surgeries

With the popularity of plastic surgery procedures being displayed on reality TV shows, advances in cosmetic procedures are of great interest to folks who seek out the healthiest ways to enhance their bodies. As reported by E! News, a recent episode of Botched showed Dr. Terry Dubrow draining a woman named Ilana's large breast implants that she'd gotten to try and satisfy her ex-boyfriend. When the size 38F breasts still didn't please the man, Ilana left him and turned to Dr. Dubrow to "feel normal again."

Dr. Dubrow's "stabbing" of the breast implants with needles to help drain the saline fluid within the implants isn't the only innovative way of enhancing and improving breasts -- or reversing unwanted breast surgeries. With the advent of the "explantation" movement taking place that feature plenty of testimonies of women who are getting their breast implants removed for various reasons, women are seeking more natural ways to enhance their breasts.Brazilian Butt Lift surgeries, or BBL, as it is known, is a pretty popular operation that features cosmetic surgeons removing fat cells from various portions of a person's body and transferring the fat cells to the buttocks region.

However, there is also a surgery known as the Brazilian Breast Lift, which the Beleza Plastic Surgery Facebook page describes as a natural way to enlarge breasts, without necessitating breast implants, if the patient doesn't desire to have silicone or saline breast implants implanted. Dr. Anna I. Wooten describes how the procedure works.

"Many patients presenting for cosmetic breast augmentation desire enhancement in the shape and size of their breasts. Frequently due to weight loss, pregnancy or hereditary influences, they may have various degrees of breast shapes. Patients who desire only breast lift and reshaping may not require the addition of a breast implant. Until recently breast lift without augmentation has not always provided the best long-term improvement. Some surgeons have tried many procedures over the years to reshape the breast. Most of the older procedures depended on various patterns of skin removal to maintain breast shape.

"Over the years, it became apparent that in order to maintain breast shape the breast tissue itself required remodeling and the skin had little to do with maintaining shape. Now excellent long-term results can be produced with breast lift alone without implant placement. This procedure is called Brazilian Breast Lift. Surprisingly, this operation is not very painful, your breasts will be bruised, swollen, and uncomfortable for a day or two, but the pain shouldn't be severe. Any discomfort you do feel can be relieved with pain medications."

Dr. Wooten provides more details about natural breast enhancements on the surgery center's website, achieved both through the Brazilian Breast Lift and/or via breast augmentation with fat transfers, if patients prefer to use their own fat cells for enlargement, instead of implants.

Breast Lift without implants
[Image via Shutterstock]Whereas many women might have been told that they don't have enough fat in order to enlarge their breasts using their own fat cells, Dr. Wooten refutes that notion by describing the process of collecting a person's own fat cells and next injecting the pure version of the fat cells in the area of the breasts. Such a procedure means that incisions for the fat transfer portion aren't necessary. While some of the fat might be reabsorbed by the body, much of the transferred fat will remain and grow over time in the breast area.

Women can expect to add up to a full cup size to their breasts after receiving the fat transfer method of breast enhancement.

The innovative procedures of breast enhancement were learned by Dr. Wooten when she traveled to Miami to study revolutionary methods of fat grafting to improve breasts are among the most cutting-edge methods of natural breast enhancement being practiced around the world.

With more women seeking ways to naturally enhance their breasts without the risks that breast implants can sometimes impose, expect fat transfers and Brazilian Breast Lift surgeries to remain on the rise.

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