Jennifer Lopez Under Fire For #AllLivesMatter Tweet, Deletes It Immediately

Jennifer Lopez has been trying to promote love, but was quickly faced with hate with her latest tweet on social media. She has been actively promoting her new song with Lin-Manuel Miranda, "Love Make the World Go Round," dedicated to the victims of the Orlando shooting.

But on Tuesday, July 12, the singer and actress angered fans on Twitter when she posted the following with the hashtag that has everyone talking lately.

Fans were angry that Lopez, 46, used the hashtag #AllLivesMatter. She immediately deleted it just minutes after it was posted on Twitter, according to Refinery29. Lopez has not apologized since removing the tweet from her profile, according to a Page Six report. It's unclear whether it was Lopez herself, or a member of her social media team who made the error when posting the tweet. Either she, or her social media team, has been actively retweeting messages of love to erase what previously happened.

That did not stop J.Lo from getting hate on Twitter. Fans took to the social media site to share their frustrations over the hashtag.

According to the Refinery29 report, this isn't the first time that Lopez has used the hashtag this week. On Monday, she took to Instagram to post a promotional photo from her single along with a message behind it. However, it seems like Lopez's tweet received more negative reaction than her Instagram post, which has not been removed or edited.In case you didn't know, #AllLivesMatter is an ignorant response to the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag and movement, according to People have used the hashtag only when they want to argue that young black men and black people in general are not the only ones who are gunned down by police.

On Tuesday, Twitter users were already fed up with the #AllLivesMatter hashtag. They decided to get the hashtag #AllLivesDidntMatter trending to point out the hypocrisy of those who use the original hashtag, according to another report via

How to Get Away with Murder star Matt McGorry, along with several other Black Lives Matter activists, have pointed out that saying "all lives matter" is the same thing as saying "all diseases matter" during the AIDS epidemic in the early '80s. It's even the same thing as a doctor telling you "all bones matter" if you come into his office with a broken bone. However, #AllLivesMatter people argue that they use the hashtag because all lives matter regardless of the current situation in America.

But, keep in mind that Miranda and Lopez's new single have nothing to do with the Black Lives Matter movement or with the recent shootings of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling. It's simply to honor the 49 victims of the tragic Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida, last month. The hashtag that Lopez used is still rather confusing, since the mass shooting was an attack on the LGBTQ community and happened on Latino night.

Jennifer has made it clear that she wants to spread love and peace with her new song. Jennifer, Lin-Manuel, and Epic Records are donating 100 percent of the proceeds from each download between the dates of July 8 to October 5 to the Hispanic Federation for the Somos Orlando Fund. Both Jennifer and Lin-Manuel sat down for an exclusive interview with E! News about their collaboration and why it was so important for them to get the message across.

Watch their full interview in the video below.

Additionally, Lopez and Miranda performed their new song for the first time on the Today show in front of an audience of 50 Orlando survivors and family members.

Check out their performance and additional interviews in the videos below.

Let us know what you think. Do you think Jennifer Lopez should apologize for using the hashtag #AllLivesMatter? Sound off below in the comments section.

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