Amazon Prime Day Promises Lots Of Deals As Well As Lots Of Hype

For weeks, Amazon has been announcing Amazon Prime Day, which is the largest shopping event that the site has ever offered. Does this big shopping day live up to all the hype?

NBC News reported the best shopping deals that Amazon Prime had to offer. Amazon said that it was better prepared this year than last year for this shopping event. Many of the deals that are available include the latest electronics and accessories that users may need, including TV stands. To counter Amazon’s massive sale, many retailers have decided to go head to head with Amazon Prime and are offering price matching for those who are willing to shop around for even better deals.

Last year, sellers on Amazon only had two weeks to get ready for the event, but this year has allowed sellers a whole year to get ready to offer their deals. Amazon spokeswoman Julie Law said that Amazon was offering many different types of deals no matter how weird they may seem.

“I understand that some things make for funny fodder for social media. Whether you think a deal is weird or wonderful we certainly embrace both.”

The Washington Post reported that Amazon Prime was offering 100,000 deals, but there was a lot of hype surrounding the event. Amazon’s massive Black Friday-type event promised many deals for shoppers who were looking for a bargain. They also promised a better search experience for shoppers, many of whom complained that it was difficult wading through a massive list of products to find what they were looking for.

Shoppers who took to the site early had a chance to buy a Fire Tablet for $33.33, while Lenovo laptops were available for $199. Many shoppers who visited the site took to Twitter to complain about struggling to get through the checkout process. The biggest struggle was an Add to Cart fail when choosing products to purchase.

Many customers also posted about their frustration on social media. As shoppers came up empty handed and frustrated, Amazon acknowledged the problem on Twitter.

“Some customers are reporting difficulty with checkout. We’re working to resolve the issue quickly.”

This is the second year that Amazon has held Amazon Prime Day. The purpose of Amazon Prime Day is to attract new customers and generate interest in the site. A countdown timer offered a smaller slate of daily deals leading up to the event.

PC World reported on a list of deals that would be available to shoppers looking for the latest electronics as well as the best deals. The secret to finding the best deals was to be patient and be willing to hunt around to find products. Amazon promised that there would be much better deals this year instead of just the usual Sharpies and Tupperware.

The best Amazon Prime deals as listed included electronics, particularly deals on high-end headphones. Home entertainment topped the list with high-end televisions at bargain prices, and plenty of Kindle gear was available for those who wanted to purchase new devices as well as add accessories to their current Kindle gear.

Plenty of PC storage and laptops were available through Amazon Prime for those who were looking to upgrade their current computers. Although Amazon Prime also offered plenty of video games, the best deals were found in the wireless hardware section for those who were looking for mobile phone deals.

[Photo via Amazon]