Hillary Clinton VP Pick: Joe Biden Won’t Be Vice President Again, Rules Out Being Hillary Clinton’s Running Mate In 2016

There’s currently widespread speculation around who Democratic presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton will choose as her running mate. The announcement is due to be made at the Democratic National Convention at the end of July, with Clinton currently in the process of choosing her VP pick. Incumbent Vice President Joe Biden has had his own name thrown into the mix by a number of commentators. However, Biden himself has now confirmed that he won’t join Clinton on the ticket and serve as vice president again.

According to Politico, when asked if he’d be interested in serving as vice president again, Biden replied by saying “That’s not my preferred route.” Biden went on to speak about how he’ll work incredibly hard to ensure Hillary Clinton is elected, however, he isn’t interested in being vice president again. Joe Biden further put the issue to bed by saying that nobody from the Clinton campaign has approached him about running as vice president, following speculation that Clinton’s team were looking to poach Biden.

Hillary Clinton Campaigning with President Barack Obama
It is true that Vice President Joe Biden, along with President Barack Obama have been incredibly active in campaigning for their party’s presumptive nominee, Hillary Clinton. However, when Biden ruled himself out of a bid for the party’s nomination, speculation grew that he could have made a deal with Clinton.

Whilst candidates aren’t allowed to run for more than two terms as president, there’s no constitutional term limit for a vice president. Considering Joe Biden hasn’t been president, he’d be eligible to step into the most powerful seat in the world, which is the primary responsibility of a vice president. With that taken into considering, Joe Biden could legitimately run as Hillary Clinton’s VP, however, that’s a possibility that the incumbent vice president has ruled out, simply saying that he’s not interested in the job again.


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At the start of the 2016 presidential campaign, there was widespread speculation that Joe Biden would be Hillary Clinton’s main challenger in the race for the Democratic nomination and if that had been the case, Bernie Sanders may have been pushed out of the race earlier. However, according to the Hill, Biden put an end to those rumors last fall, citing a number of reasons behind his decision not to run for the presidency at this time, including most prominently the death of his son, Beau Biden.

Since Hillary Clinton secured the Democratic nomination, the focus has turned to who she will choose as her running mate for the position as vice president. Joe Biden is an incredibly favourable figure, who has consistently been seen as a smart pick for Clinton, for many of the same reasons Barack Obama chose him in 2008. Joe Biden is notably very popular amongst white, working-class men, a demographic that Hillary Clinton has undeniably struggled to attract over the course of the campaign.

Both Hillary Clinton and her Republican counterpart Donald Trump are preparing to announce their vice presidential picks later this month and ultimately, the names that will be joining them on the ticket when the pair go head to head in the battle for the White House later this year.

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton has a number of key options in front of her, including the likes of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. However, there’s also speculation that Hillary Clinton could drift away from the screamingly obvious choices and instead choose a lesser known name. Donald Trump, on the other hand, will look for a running mate who is able to pick up support from areas of the electorate that his views have previously alienated.

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