John Mayer Desperate To Reunite With Katy Perry As He Waits For ‘Playboy’ Orlando Bloom To Cheat

John Mayer wants to reconcile with Katy Perry, a source reveals, adding that the singer is waiting for Perry’s current boyfriend, Orlando Bloom, to screw up their relationship before he makes his move.

According to Radar Online, Mayer has wanted to get back with Katy for some time, but since the pop star is known to be dating Orlando, John has more or less kept his distance out of respect for the couple and their relationship.

Sources allege, however, that John Mayer does not see Katy and Orlando’s romance lasting. The 38-year-old has reportedly told friends that he’s certain the twosome will break up sometime this year, which will give him the perfect chance to try to win back the supposed love of his life.

“John says he and Katy will reunite this year. He’s laying in wait for Katy to come back running into his arms. He’s incredibly patient and has been planning this for a while,” the source shared.

It should be noted that when Katy Perry and John went their separate ways, multiple outlets alleged that the singer had been unfaithful. Mayer was linked to several women, claiming they had hooked up with him while he was dating the “I Kissed A Girl” star.

And while Katy was able to forgive John the first time around, she couldn’t overlook his supposed cheating ways when it allegedly happened again.

John Mayer, however, thinks that the “Roar” hitmaker is still very much in love with him. If that wasn’t the case, Katy would have never taken him back after his supposed affair with another woman. Perry is smitten by him, something which John doesn’t see Katy feeling for Orlando.

“John’s just very dismissive of Orlando and how this guy pretends to have substance when he’s really nothing more than an international playboy, and a predictable one [at] that,” the insider added, making it clear that Mayer is far from a fan of Bloom.

Going by what the report has claimed, John allegedly thinks that Orlando is nothing more than a pretty face — in the long run, there’s nothing he can offer Katy that she can’t get from her ex-boyfriend.

“John’s virtual disappearance from the public eye has everything to do with the mind games he’s playing with Katy, who he’s still madly in love with. But he’s trying to keep her guessing about his personal life and he fully expects her to come running back to him when things sour with Orlando.”

As mentioned above, John Mayer will not be doing the chasing this time around. He is certain that Katy Perry is still in love with him just as much as he still loves her. Eventually, they’ll reconcile, but he’s willing to let the singer have her fun with Orlando, supposedly knowing that Katy will be back in his arms by the end of the year.

Meanwhile, several credible outlets have confirmed that Katy Perry will be returning to the music scene in weeks to come, with the first single from her forthcoming album expected to drop as early as August.

Can one assume that they’ll be some material about John Mayer on there? It’s unclear as to what the album will entail, but considering the heartache Katy experienced with John prior to meeting Orlando, it would only make sense to have her dedicate a song to Mayer, whether good or bad.

[Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Entertainment Industry Foundation]