Watch Bernie Sanders Endorse Hillary Clinton Full Replay: Long-Awaited Unity Achieved In New Hampshire

Bernie Sanders finally endorsed his Democratic opponent and presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton in an event in New Hampshire — the site of Sanders’ most significant victory in the primary campaign — on Tuesday morning, ending a long wait that began as soon as Clinton won a decisive victory in the California primary on June 7.

Scroll down this page to watch a full replay of the Bernie Sanders unity event, in which Sanders shared a stage with Hillary Clinton at Portsmouth High School, in Portsmouth, New Hampshire on Tuesday.

Back on February 9, in the first primary election of the campaign, Sanders won New Hampshire — which is adjacent to his home state of Vermont — in a landslide, capturing over 60 percent of the vote.

The win established Sanders as a surprisingly formidable foe for the heavily favored Clinton and raised hopes among his supporters that the Vermont independent senator, who joined the Democratic Party only upon announcing his candidacy for president, could actually score an upset victory over Clinton — as then-Illinois Senator Barack Obama had done eight years earlier — and capture the Democratic nomination.

But a series of lopsided victories across southern states by Clinton in early March gave her a substantial lead in delegates that she never relinquished, and despite a campaign that saw the tenacious Sanders step up his attacks on Clinton, attacks that hit a crescendo when Sanders went so far as to declare Clinton “not qualified” to be president, the former Secretary of State and New York Senator rolled to victory by a wide margin in both delegates and the popular vote.

While a Pew Research poll released last week showed that 85 percent of Bernie Sanders supporters have already decided to support Hillary Clinton for president, a small but vocal minority of “Bernie or Bust” supporters have vowed never to vote for Clinton, even if it means throwing the White House to Republican Donald Trump.

Will an endorsement by Bernie Sanders do anything to change their minds? Watch a full replay of the historic New Hampshire Bernie Sanders endorsement of Hillary Clinton, which can be accessed in the following video.

A condensed, under-three-minute version of the Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton endorsement rally can be viewed in the following video from The Washington Post.

Despite official confirmation of the unity event on the Bernie Sanders official campaign website, the “Bernie or Bust” crowd, in many cases, has refused to believe that their candidate really intends to grant his endorsement to Clinton.

In fact, some have even predicted that Clinton will actually concede the nomination to Sanders at the New Hampshire rally because she fears that she will soon face criminal charges over her use of an email server while secretary of state — even though the FBI and the United States attorney general have both now said that there will be no such charges.

“Maybe she will concede the nomination on the grounds her controversies are to [sic] distracting from the real issues America faces,” said one “Bernie or Bust” Sanders supporter, Jerry Jarvis of Illinois, in an online exchange with The Daily Beast new site. “I know that it would be the right thing to do but when have we ever known her to do that. I still don’t want to believe America is really heading down a dark path.”

But even experienced political experts are skeptical about Sanders’ commitment to supporting Clinton in the general election campaign.


“I’m not convinced he’s going to spend most of his time campaigning for Hillary Clinton and articulating her views,” Democratic party strategist Jim Manley told The Washington Post. “I’m concerned he’ll continue talking about his views. Hope springs eternal, but I’m not exactly comforted by the actions I’ve seen over the last few weeks and months. He’s been playing Jedi mind games.”

Whatever Bernie Sanders has planned, it should all become clear on Tuesday when the stream of his unity event with Hillary Clinton goes live.

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