WWE News: Triple H Low Balling Talent To Free Up Roster Space Before WWE SummerSlam, More Releases Coming?

Triple H has been able to give us some amazing talent over the past few years. Top names from around the world have come in due to the recruitment of The Game and his team. Whether they had independent experience or were random hires, they have been able to give us some great stars. Many of them are on the main roster for WWE right now, while others are with the NXT brand at this point.

Triple H loves the talent he brought in, which seems pretty obvious by now. In fact, he has picked a handful of guys to take over the WWE in the future. Whether it is Seth Rollins or even Kevin Owens, Triple H has had a big hand in their development and most likely hired them personally. Due to all of this, he is handling “other” talent in a very interesting way.

Daily Wrestling News reports that many contracts have expired in June and will be expiring this month as well. Triple H is currently in contract discussions with these wrestlers about re-signing, but he’s apparently low-balling a great deal of them. It is mostly the mid-to-low card guys that are getting stiffed. Some are not even being offered a deal to re-sign at all, in fact. The goal behind these decisions apparently has to do with what Triple H wants to do with the main roster.

HHH Ambrose
While everything usually goes through WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, Triple H is trying to free up roster space as he wants to bring up more people from WWE NXT before WWE SummerSlam. He can only add so many people before the main roster gets too crowded. A source told DWN that the talent affected by the recent Triple H decisions are being quiet right now, but this is not expected to last.

It looks as if more releases will occur before too long, and many of the people will speak out about their frustration with the company’s decision. WWE interestingly added a “gag order” to some recent releases back in the spring. That very well could occur here for the span of 90 days or so. That means even if some of the talent would like to speak out the moment they are released, they couldn’t do so because of the legal issues it would cause for them.

Of course they would be free to do whatever they wanted once the entire thing expired. That means if we don’t hear something right off, we should not be shocked by it in any way. However, some may speak up, so it may all depend on what WWE can do with keeping some quiet at the end of the day.

There are various names that WWE could let go of, including Ryback, who has been a thorn in the side of the company for a little while now. He was apparently offered a lower deal than he wanted to re-sign, as he felt he was worth more. He went out on social media and spoke out about the ordeal, with some people siding with him — like the recently released Cameron. WWE has yet to cut him, as they would like to keep him. He has not been used in quite some time and is almost throwing a CM Punk-like tantrum.

He recently underwent surgery, but he could have been used a good deal before that, and either he or WWE refused to do something. He could be on the upcoming cut list, but the issue for WWE is that they don’t want to release too many people due to the upcoming brand split. While Triple H is offering lesser deals, some talent could take him up on the offer. Usually, when these offers are given, it is WWE’s way of saying that they respect you and your ability enough to give you a deal, but not enough to pay you well, so, you may want to go somewhere else.

All of this being said, WWE has already started to use talent they like a bit more. People like Zack Ryder have managed to stand out in recent weeks for example. This is WWE pushing talent they believe in for the new generation, while the low-ball offers are being given to those that the company believes are the past. It will be interesting to see what happens with talent soon, especially heading into the WWE Draft next week.

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