Iggy Azalea’s Birthday Disappointment; New Demi Lovato Collaboration

Iggy Azalea will be a judge on the next season of the Australian version of The X Factor, the popular singing show that discovers upcoming musical talent. Although Iggy had never previously thought about being a judge on a reality television show, the Australian singer was excited to be a part of it as the show gave her the opportunity to come back to her home country, where she can spend time with her Sydney-based family.

According to Billboard, even though it will be her first time judging a talent show, Iggy is very serious about her forthcoming role as she is focused on choosing outstanding people who will be able to showcase their hidden talent to the rest of the country. The rapper has also recently announced that she has chosen Demi Lovato to be her guest judge for the upcoming season.

Iggy Azalea will be playing a key role in helping unique people launch their potential musical careers, and she is not taking the responsibility lightly. This opportunity will be Iggy’s first return to the Australian music circuit after a decade, and the star wants to make the most out of it. According to MTV, the “Fancy” singer has plans to share her knowledge and experience with fellow Australians who have huge talent and giant dreams.

In what has turned out to be good timing, Iggy Azalea can devote herself fully to the cause as her Great Escape tour has been postponed, leaving her with the much-needed bandwidth to judge The X Factor.

Recently, Iggy Azalea spoke about her involvement with Australia’s The X Factor on ABC’s Good Morning America. Apart from sharing her views about her new venture, Iggy also performed a string of hits like “Black Widow” and “Fancy.” The energetic performance on the breakfast show was shot in New York’s Central Park as a part of the summer concert series.

Iggy Azalea dazzled on stage in her black netted top which was worn over a black bra, and perfectly complemented by black lace-up boots and short shorts. Iggy’s blonde hair was tied back in a ponytail, allowing her to complete her complex dance moves in comfort. The American audience seemed thrilled to watch the Australian singer own the stage, and it appeared that Iggy Azalea was on such a strict timetable that she didn’t have time to change her hairstyle and makeup between appearing in the studios and her electrifying stage performance. However, she had changed her attire into blue jeggings and a printed T-shirt covered by a fashionable bomber jacket.

Later, curious fans saw the 26-year old rapper proudly waving her purple colored bra above her head. According to the Daily Mail, this gesture is said to be typical of Iggy Azalea who has no qualms about waving her underwear in front of fans and photographers during her live shows.

It was a big week for Iggy Azalea who celebrated her twenty-sixth birthday on a yacht while enjoying a Mexican holiday. However, her birthday celebrations were underwhelming for the rapper as she did not get the birthday present that she had requested. Earlier, Iggy Azalea had mentioned that she wanted to be the proud owner of part of a Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton. According to Celebuzz, the news is that 45 percent of the entire skeleton is available for $2.39 million, and it seems that it is not really feasible to buy only a part of a fossil.

This must have got on the nerves of Iggy who vented her anger on Twitter.

“All I know is it’s June 10 and I still don’t have a T. Rex tooth.”

So as it turns out, even world-famous rappers don’t always get what they wish for on their birthday. Even if Iggy Azalea was disappointed by her birthday, her super-energetic and aggressive Digital Distortion album will hit stores soon and the rapper will once again have plenty to be happy about.

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