University Of Kentucky Student Stabbed By Man Hiding Under Library Table

The University of Kentucky issued a crime bulletin after a student was stabbed in the foot by a man hiding under a library table. According to WLEX 18, the woman reported the incident to area police, who immediately took a look at the security footage. Unfortunately, nobody matching the woman’s description was captured on-camera.

“About 8 o’clock last night a young lady went into the library, second floor, in one of the cubicles and she felt a sharp pain to her foot,” University of Kentucky Police Chief Joe Monroe explained to the Kentucky Kernel. “She took her shoe off and looked into her shoe and saw that she was bleeding. She looked at her friend sitting next to her, they looked around. They didn’t see anybody underneath the table. They saw someone that looked kind of suspicious, they didn’t really belong there, and that’s the description that they gave us that’s in the crime bulletin.”

As creepy as this scenario may be, this isn’t the first time someone has been stabbed by someone hanging out under a library table. In 2011, a handful of curious fourth-degree assaults took place inside the library’s basement. In all of the reported cases, someone was allegedly hanging out under the study desk.

However, Monroe isn’t one to jump to conclusions. “It’s too early to say that the two are tied together by the same person, but it is very coincidental that it’s the same type of M.O. that occurred,” he explained.

Students are understandably anxious following the foot stabbing incident. “I think it’s crazy actually, because I went to the library last night at 10 o’clock and had absolutely no idea that it had happened,” nursing freshman MacKenzie Clark explained. “I wasn’t informed that it happened until this morning. It’s actually quiet scary because you’re sitting in the library and you never think that someone’s going to stab your foot.”

According to WAVE 3, Lexington police are currently on the lookout for a heavy-set male between five-foot-seven and five-foot-nine. At the time of the incident, he may have been wearing a black and white baseball cap and black tennis shoes.