UFOs Filmed Over Area 51, Nellis Air Force Base: Alien Hunter Claims Regular Heavy Traffic

New information about Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) sightings out of southeastern Nevada would seem to suggest that the traffic over Nellis Air Force Base, the adjacent Nevada Test and Training Range, and Area 51 (which is sandwiched in between the two) is regular and heavy. In fact, according to a local UFO enthusiast who has filmed UFOs around the area, there is never a time when unidentified aircraft can be spotted, and he believes the actual traffic is heavier — it’s just that many of the UFOs cannot be seen.

Morning News USA reported July 9, in an article on recent aliens and UFO sightings, that Steven Barone posted a video to his YouTube channel, “UFOs in the USA,” wherein he says he witnesses heavy object traffic over Nellis Air Force Base and the Nevada Test and Training Range. The video itself is actually a few days old (shot on July 2 and posted on July 3).

Barone begins the video by saying he’s filming from his home in Henderson, Nevada, and quickly points out the shadowed area in the distance, where the buildings that can be seen are part of a water treatment facility and all around it is where “these things do their thing.”

“I see fireworks going off all year long and it gets heavy around holidays where fireworks are typically used to celebrate,” Barone wrote in the video description. “I definitely saw plenty of fireworks going off last night but it didn’t seem to have any effect on the UFO activity.”

“I caught these UFOs that I see all the time out in the desert in Henderson along with an amazing display at the Air Force Base. There were also some objects that appeared in the north valley.”

Barone says that he believes there are many more UFOs than he is able to film. He says a good number of the objects are “cloaked,” so regular cameras are unable to capture the images. (Note: “Cloaking” is an effect produced by devices to render an object invisible to normal perception. Once the province of science fiction, scientists have recently, as Digital Trends points out, put together devices that render a subject invisible to direct sight.)

Steven Barone has been on the lookout for UFOs for the past few years. He later posted a video on July 9, where he notes the footage is from April, 2014, and was shot with an old Samsung Galaxy S4. It was his first ever UFO capture to video.

An earlier Inquisitr report found an older video post by Barone, where he says he “believe[s] that UFOs are here every single day in one form or another but we just don’t see them all the time. I can only imagine how much footage I would have if it were possible to catch everything that happens around here. It would truly be astonishing.”

Unfortunately for Steven Barone, he will likely continue to imagine that footage, because the images he covets could very well come under the protective umbrella of national security, given that Area 51 is a top secret military facility. Procuring, owning, and disseminating such material might come at a severe civil and legal price.

Area 51 Groom Lake
According to a recent Inquisitr article, an insider who deals in defense contracts within Area 51 says that its high security exists for the “painfully obvious necessity to restrict any and or all witness observations” regarding the facility’s work on classified and experimental aircraft and devices. In short, Area 51, which is actually a remote detachment facility of the Edwards Air Force Base in California (roughly 200 miles to the southwest), is a protected area to keep out prying eyes (and other detection organs and devices). The insider also insisted that the “alien question” associated with Area 51 was “complete nonsense.”

Of course, conspiracy theorists, who have long posited that top secret military base exists as a secret base for the purpose of hiding and studying captured and crashed aliens and alien spacecraft, have other ideas. Many believe that not only might Area 51 be a depository for aliens and UFOs, much of the strange sightings seen in its vicinity are due to experiments produced in efforts to reverse engineer captured extraterrestrial technology.

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