Why Amal Clooney Shops For Herself, And Why She’s Charging $2,220 To Join Her For Lunch

Amal Clooney is recognized around the world for being an activist and a lawyer that fights for human right. As a high-profile legal and political figure who also happens to be George Clooney’s wife, many people are interested in Amal’s fashion style. According to People Style, Amal Clooney does not need a stylist because she chooses her own look.

The main reason that she has chosen not to employ the use of a stylist is because Amal Clooney prefers shopping for herself. After all, the famous figure is known for her eclectic look, and no one would be able to assemble her outfits better than she can.

William Banks-Blaney, who is the founder of WilliamVintage, one of Amal Clooney’s favorite stores in London, notes that she chooses everything she wears for herself personally. The store caters to the particular taste of Amal as it is a treasure trove of high-end vintage pieces that date back to the 1920s through to the 1990s. Each unique piece in the store is sourced by Banks-Blaney himself.

Apart from Amal Clooney, the store manages to attract other unique fashionistas like Rihanna, Kate Moss, and Rachel Zoe. Amal Clooney has only been a customer of the exclusive boutique since 2015, but she has clearly been taken with its unique selection as she has worn vintage outfits from the store at many of her recent appearances. Just last month, Amal Clooney wore a green draped Madam Gres dress from 1945 to speak at the Google Zeitgeist event in the U.K., and the following week she was seen wearing a cream Balenciaga coat dress from 1964, also from her beloved WilliamVintage collection.

The red carpet event in Berlin that took place last February was also graced by Clooney’s unique sense of style, as she appeared in a black sequin Saint Laurent dress from 1981. The vintage garment that found its way to Clooney was constructed from silk and covered in 10,000 black micro sequins and featured a transparent skirt of black tulle.

Amal Clooney is inviting people to join her for lunch at a price of $2,220, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. Amal will be headlining the Women World Changers summit in Melbourne and Sydney in October. The event will be aimed at focusing on the importance of diversity and equality in the workplace.

The flyer for the event puts Amal Clooney center stage as she has made quite the name for herself in defending women’s rights. The concept of equality in the workplace is a very important topic to be deal with, but fiscal responsibility also shares a similar level of importance. The question on a lot of people’s minds is on whether they should shell out more than the two-weekly average wage to listen to Clooney talk about women’s rights.

While some are comparing this event to the “Kardashian money milking method,” whereby fans shell out a fee, possibly a significantly smaller one than Amal Clooney’s fee, to meet, greet and probably even get a selfie with the “famous for being famous” family, others argue that Amal Clooney is a member of the One Per Cent who might actually be worth listening to.

Clooney will be talking about her journey in life and what it takes to choose the most challenging path, the path that nevertheless raises the most brings about the most uncertainty. The famous personality will also talk about how to have the determination to stay the course despite all the hardships that will inevitably come along, and how to have the determination to see goals through to the end.

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