Khloe Kardashian Struggles To Accept Rob, Blac Chyna Engagement: ‘KUWTK’ Recap

Khloe Kardashian continues to struggle with the fact that her brother, Rob Kardashian, is planning on getting married to Blac Chyna.

In last night’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the reality star opened up to estranged husband, Lamar Odom, about her distant relationship with Rob, who she claims hasn’t been the same ever since he got together with Chyna.

Khloe was stunned when she had to learn from multiple media outlets that her 29-year-old brother was engaged to the mother of one, giving her the impression that Rob Kardashian clearly had no intentions of letting his siblings know about the proposal beforehand.

It was infamously reported earlier this year that Khloe and her siblings felt as if Blac Chyna was only with Rob out of spite since her ex-boyfriend, Tyga, left her and their three-year-old son, Cairo, so that he could be with Kylie Jenner.

With all that being said, in last night’s episode, Khloe admits that she’s struggling to accept Rob’s engagement to Blac Chyna for the simple fact that he has been absent from her life in recent months. The 32-year-old tells Lamar that she doesn’t know how to reach out to her brother when he has shown clear signs that he wants to do his own thing without having his sisters criticize his decisions.

“It bothers me not that he’s engaged and is having a baby, but that he’s disconnected from me,” Khloe Kardashian tells Odom, according to HollywoodLife. “How could I be happy for someone or something that I know nothing about? If I’m not invited to hang out or do something, what am I supposed to do?”

Later on in the episode, Lamar Odom tries to make peace between Khloe and Rob — but that seems easier said than done. After the former athlete manages to get the two in the same room together, Rob and Khloe have a hard time trying to form a sentence together without giving off an awkward atmosphere.

Lamar Odom tries to break the ice by suggesting Khloe Kardashian to come out for dinner with Rob and Blac Chyna, convinced that meeting up with Rob’s fiancée and talking out their problems will evidently give her a peace of mind. After all, the main issue regarding Rob’s distance behavior is said to have been because of Chyna.

“Do you want to go out with Rob and Blac Chyna?” Lamar questions Khloe, who responds by saying, “No, not Blac Chyna too.” Kardashian argues that if she is going to settle her issues with her brother, the last person she would need at a dinner table is Chyna.

While Khloe Kardashian firmly stresses that she’s not bothered about her brother’s engagement, fans seem to think otherwise. One fan shared on social media that if the socialite was really that determined to get her relationship with Rob back to how it used to be, she’s going to move to squash her differences with Chyna, for she’ll be seeing much more of her once the twosome tie the knot.

The episode concluded with Khloe Kardashian and Rob agreeing to have a private chat, one that will clear up all the messiness that has built up over the course of months, in the hopes that Khloe can feel more at ease being around Blac Chyna in the near future.

[Photo by Greg Doherty and Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images]