Levi Johnston’s Baby Arrives, Second Child For Bristol Palin’s Ex And Sunny Oglesby

Levi Johnston has a new baby, as he and baby momma Sunny Oglesby welcomed a daughter they named … Breeze Beretta.

As you probably recall, Levi Johnston’s new baby is his second — the 22-year-old Alaskan sometimes model and former boyfriend of Bristol Palin is already daddy to their three-year-old, Tripp.

Johnston’s first baby was born in 2008, and he and the Palin family have very publicly fallen out in recent years over several issues related to, among them, the care and custody of little Tripp Palin.

In an interview last year, Levi Johnston claimed that ex Bristol got knocked up deliberately, and that he was too stupid to insist on a condom.

Of his 21-year-old ex, who was pregnant at the height of her mother’s campaign for VP and became somewhat of a joke due to the fact the family insisted on abstinence-only sex education, Johnston says:

“Bristol wanted to have a baby … It all happened on purpose, and I was dumb enough just to roll with it.”

Levi Johnston Naming Daughter After Beretta

Levi Johnston’s new baby wasn’t any more planned for, though, as in an interview in April of this year, the Alaskan says that little Breeze Beretta was a vacation accident:

“There was a time we went to the cabin and forgot the birth control pills, and a month later we found out we were having a baby.”

Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston were on and off-again following Tripp’s birth, finally splitting for good during the summer of 2010. Reps confirm that Levi Johnston’s new baby indeed is named after the Italian shotguns.