Is Lieutenant General Michael Flynn Really A Possible Candidate To Be Trump’s Veep?

With the Republican National Convention drawing near, the political universe is trying to figure out who Trump’s candidate for vice president will be. Newt Gingrich, Ben Carson, Chris Christie, and even Ivanka Trump have all been thrown around as possible VP candidates. A new Trump VP candidate has found his way into the political circus that is the 2016 presidential election cycle, and he is a registered Democrat.

Lieutenant General Michael Flynn may end up being Trump’s trump card. The 57-year-old retired lieutenant general and former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency has been very vocal in his criticism of President Obama. Trump has stated that his VP choice would be a person who has legislative experience and knows what it is like to work with Congress. Lieutenant General Flynn does not fit that bill, but he does fill an area of expertise that many experts claim Trump lacks.

As the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Lieutenant General Flynn gained immense experience in regard to national security. Flynn would also be able to be tapped for ideas and procedures regarding foreign policy. Information about Lieutenant General Flynn being considered as a Trump vice president candidate was leaked to the Washington Post by an anonymous source from within the Trump campaign. The New York Post broke the story last week. Flynn did not confirm or deny that he was being considered as Trump’s VP.

“All I would say is that I have been honored to serve my country for the past three decades and look forward to serving in other ways now that I am retired from the US Army. I’ve been a soldier too long to refuse to entertain any request from a potential commander in chief.”

According to the anonymous source, Trump himself is the one who directed his campaign to begin the vetting process of the Lieutenant General Flynn. Trump believes that having a military leader as his vice president will help convey strength and stability to the Republican 2016 ticket. Trump believes that he can trust Flynn since the two men have worked together in the past in order to discuss certain policies. Lastly, Trump loves the optics of a Trump-Flynn ticket. Trump thinks that a businessman and a decorated general coming to fix Washington is a visual that could win many votes due to both men being outsiders to the political game.

Advisors to Donald Trump and high-ranking Republican leaders have been trying to get through to Trump that he needs to choose a VP candidate that has legislative experience. Trump understands what these people are trying to say when they try to convey the importance of an experienced candidate. So why has Flynn suddenly become a candidate?

The world knows that Trump loves any type of media exposure and the media loves to cover it. Flynn, a registered Democrat, would again cause Trump to be the focus of the 24/7 news cycle and it would give him millions of dollars of free advertising for his campaign. A Republican-Democrat ticket for President of the United States may also cause Independents and Democrats to finally commit to voting for Donald Trump. Trump commented about Flynn and other potential VP candidates.

“I like the generals. I like the concept of the generals. We’re thinking about — actually there are two of them that are under consideration.”

Do you think that Lieutenant General Flynn will end up being Trump’s vice president?

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