Man Randomly Stabbed In The Butt At New York Deli [Video]

While grabbing a bite to eat at deli in Queens, a New York City resident was randomly stabbed in the butt by a complete stranger, according to The Huffington Post. The attack, which was caught on the deli’s surveillance cameras, is surprisingly brutal; the assailant delivered five vicious jabs into the victim’s backside before quickly leaving the scene of the crime.

Although you’d think getting stabbed in the butt five times by a six-foot guy would be extremely painful, the victim acts like it’s really no big deal at all. “It was painful, I still can’t step on my right foot,” the man explained to ABC Eyewitness News. “It felt sort of like that feeling a mosquito bites you, it was fast it was five times.”

Police are of the belief that the attack on the poor guy’s rump was nothing more than a random attack. The victim, meanwhile, feels that the man was sent to teach him some sort of lesson.

“Why? I don’t know, I’m trying to figure it out. I had a feeling, I was being watched, something like that, but I never paid attention,” he explained. “I’m always friendly, don’t know why it’s happened to me.”

According to NBC New York, the suspect is still at-large. Authorities are on the lookout for a six-foot-two gentleman, who weighs in at around 220 pounds. At the time of the incident, the 40-year-old man was wearing a white t-shirt, gray sweatpants, a black hat, and black sneakers.

Earlier this year, police managed to track down a serial butt stabber who slashed 13 behinds in Northern Virgina before heading off to Peru, Gawker reports. The man’s unusual reign of terror lasted from February of 2011 to around July, and generally took place at malls. Months after his final attack, authorities finally managed to get their hands on suspect Johnny D. Guillen.

For those who are curious to see this poor guy getting his butt stabbed, take a look at the video embedded below. Keep in mind, however, that the clip is a bit graphic.