Kentucky Couple Murdered While Checking On ‘Remote Cabin,’ Tenant Of Cabin Arrested But Bodies Still Missing

A Kentucky couple, Robert “Bobby” Jones and Crystal Warner, were reportedly murdered while checking in on a remote rental property. The pair told family members that they were going to check on a tenant living in their remote cabin rental and never returned. Though no bodies have been found, the police say that they have found evidence to suggest that both are dead. Meanwhile, the families of the couple say that witnesses saw tenant Craig Pennington shoot Bobby and Crystal before leaving with their bodies.

The Daily Mail reports that local authorities have deemed Robert “Bobby” Jones and Crystal Warner deceased after they found evidence of foul play. The pair were reported missing after they disclosed to family that they were going to go check on a tenant in a remote cabin. The couple left on July 3, 2016, and never returned. After five days of searching, police finally recovered the couple’s vehicle but could not locate their bodies.

Despite a lack of bodies, the local authorities have arrested tenant Craig Pennington for the murder of Bobby and Crystal. Investigators say that Craig admitted that the pair stopped by the remote cabin but claimed that they were alive when they left. Family members and friends speaking to WKYT say that the couple were “some of the best people on earth” and that they were horrified to learn of their passing.

“Bob and Crystal were the best people on this earth. The scenarios that have been running through our head have been absolute torment fearing that this is what happened and several of us have had this gut wrenching feeling that this is what has happened.”

Friends say that Bobby had recently evicted a couple from the cabin and that the pair were going to check on the property and ensure all of the former tenants’ belongings were gone and that they had vacated the property for new renters. However, after leaving for the property on Texas Mackville Road in Springfield, Kentucky, the pair went missing. Police reports indicate that the last place that Bobby’s phone pinged was near the cabin and that they have reason to believe that Pennington shot the pair before disposing of their bodies.


Police did not reveal what evidence they found that indicated that the pair were murdered, but they claim that there is significant evidence to conclude that both of the individuals are deceased. The police are still searching for the couple’s remains so that they can be returned to the family. Meanwhile, family members of the pair say they are planning to hire a K9 search team to help recover the remains for proper burial.

In Florence, Kentucky, where the couple lived, Warner was an active gym member at Triumph Strength & Conditioning. The business expressed their grief and disbelief of the horrific murder on their Facebook page in which they called her a “cornerstone member.”

“Today we have lost a family member. There are no words that can express what Crystal meant to Triumph and our community. A bright smile and unwavering positivity, Crystal has grown into a cornerstone member of Triumph. Much to the acclaim of Crystal and Bobby we will continue to celebrate the lives they led. If we can match only a fraction of the light they brought into our lives we can better ourselves, others and the ones we hold dear.”

[Image via Facebook/ Crystal Warner]