Conservative News Host Tomi Lahren Calls Black Lives Matter ‘The New KKK’ Sparking Intense Backlash

Conservative news host Tomi Lahren from the Blaze was deemed “reckless” for making comments that the Black Lives Matter movement is the “new KKK.” On Twitter, Lahren spoke freely regarding her belief that BLM is not out for equality and is the equivalent of a modern-day KKK. Following her controversial tweets, Lahren received intense backlash from users across the web, and she eventually deleted the offending tweet. Despite deleting the message, Lahren is taking up for her comment, noting that the First Amendment applies to everyone, even if those views are not received positively.

Tomi Lahren deleted her controversial tweet after receiving backlash from the Twitter community, but it can still be seen in numerous screenshots. Lahren addressed his comments and the tweet in a panel discussion on CNN Town Hall in which she took up for her harsh statements noting that though they may not be popular they are honest. Raw Story reports that Lahren was confronted by David Zurawik for the controversial tweet. Zurawik said he was appalled by her actions and claimed it was “reckless” for a person in the news to make such dividing comments following such a horrific act. He went on to indicate that he hoped Lahren would be fired for the comment by claiming he wished her employer felt the same way about the situation as he does.

“I wish it was your employer’s opinion. That’s really reckless, that kind of tweet at the situation we’re in. As a journalist, what you did appalls me.”

Lahren didn’t take the criticisms lightly and noted that “make no mistake, the First Amendment is for everyone.”

“I’m not a journalist, I’m a commentator. I’m allowed to have my feelings and my opinions and I stand behind the things that I say because the thing that hurts people the most is when you’re honest, when you look at something from an honest lens from your perspective and you bring that forth, you are immediately labeled for it and you are immediately criticized.”

The Young Turks also addressed Tomi Lahren’s tweet and say that Lahren exchanged tweets with them regarding the issue noting that it was a tweet made in a moment of anger. Lahren allegedly told one of the panelists that she, like BLM activists, should be allowed to make statements and tweets during intense emotional situations such as the Dallas police shootings. Lahren felt compelled to make the tweet as she hails from Dallas and says that the situation hits close to home.

The KKK tweet is not the first controversial tweet that Lahren has made during her career regarding the Black Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter movements. Check out some of her tweets below.

Warning: Strong language used in some of the tweets below.

What do you think about Tomi Lahren’s controversial tweet calling the Black Lives Matter movement the “new KKK?”

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