'Doctor Who' News: Matt Smith Could Play The Doctor Again, Showrunner Steven Moffat Teases

Jennifer Ricketts

Matt Smith, the former Doctor Who actor who played the Eleventh 11th regeneration of the Time Lord, might become the first actor to return to the role. Besides the question of whether this will even happen or not, another consideration is in what capacity would he come back? Would he be part of a regular season or simply a special episode? Rumors of a return to the role are circulating as Whovians wait for Season 10 to debut in 2017.

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In an interview with the Mirror, Smith was very open about the fact that he regrets leaving the show and would return in a heartbeat if he was asked.

"They will ask me back one day, won't they?" Smith said.

Smith still has much love for the character he played, as he told Time Out earlier this week.

"I'm proud of it, it's the greatest thing I've ever done in my life. It was a wonderful experience for me and my family. I still do all the conventions and stuff. I don't think I'll be as famous for anything [else] because it's got so much cultural relevance."

The Independent reports it's "absolute standard for an actor to ensure their continuing support for past projects by stating their openness to a future return." Not all actors, however, have looked back over their past roles in such a positive way, so "absolute standard" doesn't always qualify.

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"Matt, who was a friend and ally, was leaving. I couldn't get him to stay. It felt like everything was blowing up around me."

One thing Smith has going for him is that his incarnation as the Doctor was loved by many fans of the show, and he was given some great stories. Regeneration has always been a process that changes to suit the needs of the writers. If the writers are on board with bringing Smith back on a regular basis, technically it could be done.

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In a recent poll by Metro, readers were asked if they want Matt Smith to return as the Doctor on Doctor Who. Seventy percent said "Yes, he was the best!" while 30 percent said "No, time for fresh blood."

Readers, what do you think? Do you want Matt Smith back as Doctor Who?

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