Kansas: 9-Month-Old Baby Found Abandoned, Left To Die Inside Trash Compactor

Just a few days after the Inquisitr reported about the shameful act of Michael Disporto, a man who is accused of raping and killing a 2-year-old, we have yet another case of shocking child abuse in the U.S. According to KTLA, a 9-month-old infant was found abandoned inside a trash compactor outside an apartment in Kansas. The incident happened in the city of Lawrence in Kansas on Thursday. According to local news station KCTV, the baby was discovered after a woman, identified as Cindy Quick, who lives in the area, heard the cries of the child at around 2 a.m.

Cindy, who lives at the Country Club on 6th apartment complex near Sixth and Iowa streets, said that she was out to clean a carpet cleaner near the trash compactor when she heard the cries of a baby coming from inside of it. Sensing trouble, Cindy quickly called out for help was within seconds, was joined by a neighbor, Jerrad Jury, who helped her to see what was wrong. To their shock, they found a little baby girl, visibly injured and in bad shape, buried under a heap of fully laden trash bags inside the trash compactor. Describing the horrific condition in which the baby girl was found, Cindy said the following.

“She had bug bites. She was crying. I mean, she was hysterical. She had red hair, her ears were pierced.”

Jerrad says the baby did briefly calm down after she saw people around her.

“She felt relief, the baby did. Just having somebody there.”

Cindy and Jerrad were able to rescue the baby following which Jerrad, with the help of another friend took her to the nearby Lawrence Memorial Hospital. Jerrad said the baby had visible injuries to her head.

“She had dried blood on her nose and she had a pretty good bump on her head.”

She was later transferred to the Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, where her condition is listed as “serious, but stable.”

Meanwhile, the Lawrence Police Department were also informed about the incident following which an investigation was launched. The department also issued a press release detailing the incident which read;

“On July 7, 2016, around 2:28 a.m., Lawrence Police Officers received a call indicating that an infant had been abandoned inside of a trash receptacle at an apartment complex in the 2500 block of West 6th Street and that the infant was being taken to a local hospital for treatment. Officers responded to both the apartment complex and the hospital. Medical personnel at the hospital determined that the infant’s injuries were possibly life-threatening. The infant was transported via ground ambulance to a Kansas City hospital in serious, but stable condition.”

Sgt. Amy Rhoads of the Lawrence Police Department added that they have been able to identify the parents of the child. However, officials refused to divulge more details pertaining to the incident considering the sensitive and serious nature of the incident.


“Lawrence police detectives have contacted the family and they are actively investigating the case. Due to the sensitive and serious nature of this case, we will not be providing any further information at this time.”

Meanwhile, several people from the neighborhood told that the baby’s mother is known to have daily fights with an unidentified man, thought to be the father of the baby. They added that the duo were arguing on the day of the incident as well — hinting that the man could be behind the act.

Sara Dooley, who lives in the same apartment complex said the following.

“The mom and the dad were arguing, which seems to be an everyday kind of event with them. I hope that they get justice for that baby, that is my biggest concern that they have justice for this baby near my family out of here.”

Following the incident, several organizations have come forward to remind people that laws in the states of Missouri and Kansas give them the option to take a baby that is less than 45 days old to a Safe Haven and not face charges. Even in the most desperate of situations, no person is required to abandon babies.

[Image via Public Domain Pictures]