Dry Shampoo Hair Loss Facebook Photo Freaks People Out

It’s safe to say that dry shampoo has been praised as a popular way to skip washing your hair in the shower or bath, with proponents claiming dry shampoo as a savior in helping to save time in the grooming process. On Instagram, the hashtag #dryshampoo contains more than 130,000 posts, with most of them praising the virtues of using dry shampoo.

However, a new article making the rounds has folks rethinking their usage of dry shampoo. Writer Olga Khazan wrote of her initial love for the miraculous invention called dry shampoo. When Olga first discovered dry shampoo, she loved the way it absorbed the oil in her hair and gave her the opportunity to sleep 15 minutes later every day since she didn’t have to shampoo her hair in the shower each morning.

dry shampoo

Not only would dry shampoo alleviate the need for shampooing and conditioning one’s hair in the shower, but it also meant there was no need to go through the routine of using a hair dryer or worrying about towel-dried hair being dry enough by the time that person reached their workplace.

As reported by the writer via the Atlantic, Olga’s boyfriend found her devotion to dry shampoo gross, but she continued using the dry versions of shampoo to give her hair the appearance and smell of cleanliness. Over time, Olga began to use her dry shampoo all the time, using the dry shampoo more than the regular forms of “wet” shampoo that most folks use with water to wash their hair.

She wrote that she urged friends to try dry shampoo as well. As witnessed by so many women raving about dry shampoo on social media websites, apparently lots of other women did the same to their friends.

Over time, though, Olga noticed the part in her hair seemed to get wider. She confirmed that her hair looked thinner when she asked her boyfriend to look at her hair. He agreed.

Searching for dry shampoo’s relation to hair loss, she ran across the Refinery29 article titled “Is Your Dry Shampoo Making You Go Bald?”

Olga also uncovered Nicole Baxter’s viral Facebook post showing a bald spot that developed in her hair that she believed is the result of using dry shampoo too often. Dry shampoo isn’t regular shampoo, but it is something that might cause problems with people whose scalps get irritated by the concoctions.

The irritation could cause hair loss and bald patches after the dry shampoo builds up and makes hairs stick together that normally would not.

Reactions to the viral news about dry shampoos potentially leading to hair loss have some folks swearing off ever using dry shampoo again, while some only vow to use it in a pinch. On social media, people are still posting comments and thoughts about dry shampoo, such as those found in the following sampling.

wet shampoo

“It’s a #hat day when you get an impromptu invite and there’s time to shower but no time to wash and dry your hair and #dryshampoo isn’t gonna help. Don’t worry I smell #fabulous

“Dry Shampoo… A busy mom’s dream!!!”

“I have been following the Wen class action lawsuit for some time now and wouldn’t be surprised if the dry shampoo use was to blame. A new client of mine uses the dry shampoo consistently and has been to several hair transplant specialists, one has recommended a shampoo that she has been using every time she washes her hair – which I suspect may not be 100 percent removing the dry shampoo buildup. She uses the dry shampoo to get volume and soak up oil on the second day. Poor client is stressed now due to hair loss and has had thyroid and hair analysis testing, all of which have come back normal.”

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