Bernie Sanders Needs Fans To Adopt A Delegate, DNC Rally Rumors Pending

Although many headlines claim that Bernie Sanders is going to concede to Hillary Clinton and give her his full nomination any day now, the truth is that Bernie Sanders fans are #StillBernie because he promised to keep campaigning until the Democratic National Convention (DNC) that takes place on July 25 to 28, according to L.A. Times.

The Bernie Sanders DNC Rally that is set to take place at FDR Park in Philadelphia on July 24 is still in the permits phase, according to Burlington Free Press. While the confirmation of the DNC rally permit is pending, Bernie Sanders is showing his fans on Twitter that he is still going to the DNC at the end of July, and he wants his delegates with him.

Bernie Sanders re-tweeted the “Adopt A Bernie Delegate” website on July 10 and wrote “The Democratic Convention is only a couple weeks away, but many of our delegates can’t afford it. Chip in.”

This is not the first time that the Bernie Sanders campaign has let it be known that delegates need financial support.

For instance, one person that is asking for crowdfunding to be a Bernie Sanders delegate at the DNC has raised $1,140 of their $2,000 GoFundMe goal so far, and he made the following claim on June 29 under their YouTube video about their fundraiser.

“Jeff Weaver [Bernie Sanders’ campaign manager] has requested that all Bernie supporters pledge a minimum of $2.70 to his campaign to help fund our delegates getting to Philadelphia for the DNC Convention.”

Another website that has Bernie Sanders delegates asking for donations for the trip to Philadelphia include Generosity, but some communities are working to make up the difference.

For example, the Democratic Party Bernie Sanders fans of Oregon hosted a “Bernie Prom” at the end of June to raise money to send their delegates to Philadelphia.

Bernie Sanders delegates have been using the internet to establish accounts on crowdfunding websites to pay for DNC travel costs

Sadly, the idea that being a Bernie Sanders delegate for the DNC is unaffordable has been haunting the news for about a couple of months. Around June 8, CNN reported that Hillary Clinton would create a general fund for those delegates wanting to go to the DNC.

Soon after, on June 11, an article about crowdfunding and DNC delegates surfaced on Refinery 29. About the situation, they explain that delegates are “regular people” and clarify with the following.

“Though delegates are technically elected officials, they aren’t paid for their efforts on behalf of their political party. No matter where a delegate is coming from, the airfare, accommodations, and other costs of attending a convention will likely set them back thousands of dollars. Tucker, a full-time student, had to come up with $5,000.”

Around June 30, U.S. News specifically focused on Bernie Sanders DNC delegates and said the Bernie Sanders revolution is “no free lunch.”

They go on to quote a long-time Republican Party Convention delegate, Morton Blackwell, that claimed most delegates since 1964 have made their budgets work by booking four people in a double hotel room.

Another behind-the-scenes report emerged on July 4 from Michigan Radio and they gave more details about the 2016 Philadelphia DNC being too expensive for Bernie Sanders delegates.

Bernie Sanders delegate Chris Niswander stated, “There is a part of me that feels like they would rather keep poor, working people out and not have their voices heard as much.” Niswander goes on to claim that the estimated costs of $3,000 to $4,000 to attend the DNC are especially hard for “younger folks and people who don’t have the highest of income.”

Bernie Sanders delegates need private donations to cover their expenses to the DNC

According to the USDA webpage for Food Stamps/SNAP eligibility, the estimated Federal Poverty Level for a single person with no dependents is $1,276 per month. This is the equivalent of being paid $7.98 per hour for a full-time worker that obtains the maximum 40 hours per week.

The Department of Labor says that the $7.25 Federal Minimum Wage is honored in almost half of the states in America.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Bernie Sanders wants the Democratic Party Platform to include “a carbon tax, fracking ban, and a $15/hour federal minimum wage.”

[Picture by Wilson Ring/AP]