intiMINT: Online Panty Service Under The Creative Direction Of A ‘DWTS’ Co-Host [Video]

Thanks to intiMINT, women can now search for new underwear, well, in their underwear. The online service is designed to offer not just convenience and privacy but an opportunity to find intimate garments that match the particular style and fit desires of the customer.

Female shoppers no longer have to sneak a sexy red pair of panties into their fist to hide them from the prying eyes of their children while spending a day at the mall. The intiMINT service allows a lady to buy an intimate piece of clothing for an upcoming special event during her 15 minute coffee break.

Dancing with the Stars co-host Brooke Burke-Charvet is the creative director of the service. Not only is Burke-Charvet graceful on the show, she is also the Co-CEO of and president of, according to the Huffington Post. As a busy mom of four children, she understands the time crunch many of her female peers routinely face.

The DWTS co-host had this to say about the online service:

“intiMINT is about beauty and possibilities. It’s the closest thing to our body and the first decision we make in the morning. I see it as the opportunity to inspire the story of our day. I really want all women to feel comfortable, powerful, and beautiful.”

The website is free to join. The internet service helps women find a pair of panties which appeals to their fashion sense via a fun questionnaire and by browsing celebrity photos before clicking on their favorite styles. Once each month, members receive an email link to their virtual underwear drawer, revealing a new choice which matches their selected preferences. There is no obligation to buy the pre-selected undergarment. Users can opt for a different piece of intimate clothing or skip that month altogether, according to the company’s website.