Ka’Milla Renee McMiller: African-American Transgender Woman Missing Since July 6

The name Ka’Milla Renee McMiller is beginning to trend in some cities on Twitter, with heartfelt pleas from family members, friends, loved ones and strangers hoping that spreading the news about McMiller’s missing status will help her be found.

On Facebook, McMiller’s mother, Lakeyon Kyles, reached out for help in when Kyles posted a Facebook update asking for help locating Ka’Milla. In the Facebook post, Kyles wrote that McMiller was missing and that Lakeyon hadn’t seen or heard from her daughter “since last Thursday.”

Lakeyon wrote that she was really worried about her daughter, who had been previously spotted in the Central West End — a neighborhood in St. Louis, Missouri, a location that Kyles wrote she would search after leaving work. The mother’s heartbreaking plea for help in finding her daughter is helping the news about Ka’Milla to spread online, with Lakeyon writing that it is difficult to stop crying over the daughter she loves more than anything in the world.

McMiller’s mother also wrote that it is not like Ka’Milla to go missing in this manner, since she hasn’t done anything like this previously.

On the Facebook account of Allison Brewyahs, four new photos were uploaded, along with an update that Ka’Milla still had not been found as of close to midnight on Saturday, July 9.

“Ka’Milla Renee McMiller still has not been located. This is urgent. We recognize it is a possibility that she may have left St. Louis on purpose. If this is the case, we still want to make contact because it is highly possible she is in crisis. If you know anything at all, please message. All information is being compiled on a central document so if you have been making calls, or looking in specific areas, please let us know.

“The last time that someone physically saw her that we know of is Tuesday (July 5th) afternoon. The last time anyone has heard from her over Facebook messenger was Wednesday (July 6th). Her phone is cut off and she can message if she has access to Wi-Fi. The last time she was seen she was not acting typically. Please, if you know anything at all or have any ideas where we can look, message me so we can add it to the information we are collecting. Please boost.”

On Twitter, Ka’Milla is being described as an African-American transgender women who is an activist for other transgender people. Urgent pleas for folks to spread the word about McMiller’s missing status are prompting people to keep tweeting and re-tweeting the McMiller hashtag on Twitter.

On Facebook, people are posting their concerns about McMiller as well, noting the lack of major media coverage about Ka’Milla — and using hashtags like ‪#‎HaveYouSeenKaMilla and ‪#‎MissingBlackTransGirl‬ to reach out to other Missouri residents and those beyond the St. Louis area to help location McMiller.

The photos of Ka’Milla on Facebook show a variety of looks that prove McMiller has quite a knack for makeup styles that show off her features. McMiller received plenty of compliments via the comments section on her Facebook page that praised everything from her eyebrows to her dress.

In one photo of Ka’Milla being spread on social media, McMiller is seen holding a book with a title that speaks of fighting for the lives of transgender people.

With transgender people facing threats over rulings that allowed transgender students to make use of the restrooms that matched the gender they most closely identify with, transgender issues have been at the forefront of the news. As seen in the below photo from the 21c Museum Hotel in Durham, North Carolina, some establishments have adopted the transgender signage to allow transgender people to use bathrooms of their closest gender identity.

Ka'Milla McMiller
[Photo by Gerry Broome/AP Images]

Specifically in light of the recent violence at the Pulse Orlando nightclub, the hope is that a transgender women like Ka’Milla makes it safely home.

[Image via Sara Swaty Photography/Facebook]