Are 'Morning Joe' Scarborough And Mika Brzezinski An Item?

Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski reignited rumors that they are dating after they supposedly arrived on Nantucket together yesterday.

The Morning Joe co-hosts reportedly flew to the island to attend the wedding of Mike Barnicle's son. Barnicle is a long-time panelist on their MSNBC weekday morning political roundtable. An NBC producer accompanied them to Massachusetts, the Page Six gossip section of the New York Post detailed.

Joe and Mika have been co-workers on the show for nine years.

About two weeks ago, Page Six reported that Mika had "quietly" divorced her husband, a reporter on a New York City TV station, after 23 years together, a status change confirmed by an MSNBC representative. MSNBC declined to comment, however, about an alleged relationship between the two co-hosts. "One has to believe that if there was no truth to the report at all, they would have likely said so," Mediaite claimed.

Scarborough, 53, a former Republican politician who represented Florida's 1st congressional district in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1995 to 2001, divorced his wife in 2013.

There has been no official confirmation that Scarborough and Brzezinski, 49, are romantically linked, but quoting an insider, Page Six claims that the relationship is an open secret at the NBC television network.
"Everybody at 30 Rock knows they are a couple. . .They are constantly together, they arrive and leave events together, even on weekends. They are each other's publicists and finish each other's sentences. It's the worst-kept secret in TV."
Scarborough and Brzezinski even joked about the Post report during a recent broadcast, as this Inside Edition clip demonstrates.
It remains to be seen if they will ever go public with an alleged off-camera relationship.

Both Scarborough and "Morning Mika" Brzezinski, a longtime TV journalist and liberal Democrat who is the daughter of President Jimmy Carter's national security advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski, climbed aboard and then apparently jumped off the Trump train as a feud erupted between the anchors and the presumptive GOP presidential nominee. In turn, Donald Trump tweeted in early June that he stopped appearing on the show or even watching it because of its "small audience" and "low ratings."

In various cringeworthy sequences, Joe and Mika have also famously battled about politics during Morning Joe broadcasts. "Maybe Brzezinski and Scarborough were only pretending to hate each other every single morning on nations television so as not to arouse suspicions of the show's scores of viewers. Or maybe it was a love that was born from hate. Maybe their disgust for one another slowly morphed into a kind of fascination, and then—eventually—lust," the Jezebel website theorized.

Page Six TV host John Fugelsang quipped that "I like conservatives and progressives getting along when they're debating. And that's real progress when a Democrat and a conservative can wreck two marriages. That shows what bipartisanship can really do...Them being a couple disturbs me as a viewer, because I find myself mentally undressing them both, which my therapist spends a lot of time with me on."

On Thursday morning's broadcast, Mika Brzezinski perhaps uncharacteristically called out several pro-Clinton Morning Joe panelists for being "30-year hostages" of Hillary Clinton when they dismissed the notion that the presumptive Democrat presidential nominee should be denied access to classified briefings during the campaign.

Reacting to the news of a rumored romance between Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, TV Newser/Adweek observed that "They were inducted into the Cable Hall of Fame just last month. And for the just-concluded second quarter Morning Joe gave MSNBC its highest viewership ever in the 6-9 a.m. timeslot. Whatever is going on, it seems to be working."

Do you think it is plausible that Morning Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski are an item?

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Added: Last month, Donald Trump tweeted about the alleged relationship between MSNBC co-hosts "Morning Joe" and "Morning Mika."