Dallas Shooting: Obama To Visit Dallas To Discuss, Address Racial Divide And Racial Bias In American Law Enforcement — Did Shooter Micah Xavier Johnson Have More Accomplices?

President Obama is expected to visit Dallas, cutting his four-day trip in Europe short. Obama will visit Dallas to address the killings of the five Dallas police officers carried out by multiple snipers during a protest.

According to USA Today, Obama will be in Dallas early next week after being invited by Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings to address the Dallas shooting, police tensions, and the issue of racial divide created by it in America according to White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest.

Obama visiting Dallas means that he will be cutting his meeting short with NATO allies beginning in Warsaw, Poland.

In the United States, protests were being conducted in observance of two black men shot while being detained by police within 48 hours this past week in Minnesota and Louisiana.

The Inquisitr reports on both of the bloody incidents which were streamed all over Facebook and tackled by Comedy Central’s Trevor Noah.

Obama’s visit to Dallas comes after he openly condemned the police shootings of the two black men in Louisiana and Minnesota shortly after landing in Europe to commence his meetings with foreign leaders.

After expressing his discontent for the horrific shootings which transpired while he was abroad, the president then wakes up the following morning to news about the shooting in Dallas.

“I believe I speak for every single American when I say we are horrified over these events, and we stand united with the people and the police department in Dallas.”

Tensions between law enforcement and civilians spilling over in Dallas is said to be the cause of the sniping, according to sources.

Watch Footage Of The Dallas Shootout Below

A U.S. Army veteran who fought in Afghanistan, Micah Xavier Johnson, was named as the Dallas gunman who claimed the lives of five officers during the Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas.

Equipped with an SKS semi-automatic rifle and donning tactical gear, Johnson opened fire on Dallas law enforcement. Johnson was reportedly taken down with a police remote-controlled bombing robot denoted near him in the building where was hiding.

Since being called to Dallas, President Obama is now on an accelerated agenda for the rest of his trip. He will forego a day of sightseeing and troop visits in southern Spain and will only meet with Spanish officials on Sunday instead.

After speaking with officials, he’ll then return to Washington Sunday night before paying his visit to Dallas. This puts him a day ahead of schedule for his European tour.

White House officials were not happy with the decision for Obama to cut his trip short in favor of visiting Dallas as many were highly anticipating his presence in preparation. Obama replied, “One of the challenges of the presidency is the person who is entrusted with the responsibility of leading the country has to be able to focus on and devote significant attention to more than one priority at a time.”

Some officials claim that Obama’s visit to Dallas could be used to “bring people together to support our police officers and communities, and find common ground by discussing policy ideas for addressing the persistent racial disparities in our criminal justice system.”

However, many Americans already disparage Obama for deciding to visit Dallas and claim that his rhetoric is to blame for the racial divide and police being targeted.

Obama called the Dallas attacks “twisted” and stated,

“There is no possible justification for these types of attacks. Anyone involved in the senseless murders will be held fully accountable. Justice will be done.”

What do you think of Obama visiting Dallas? Is the president speaking on racial disparities in law enforcement considered the cause of racial divide?

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