Anti-Islam Mohammed Film Creator Blames US For Lax Embassy Security In Ambassador’s Death, Says Violence Was Inevitable

The anti-Islam Mohammed film that sparked deadly riots in Libya and Egypt was destined to spur on violence, filmmaker Sam Bacile says — and the man behind the film, who is now in hiding, feels that the US is to blame for lax security as furor grows over the movie’s content.

Bacile’s anti-Islam Mohammed film has been the subject of intense scrutiny and much outrage in the Middle East after the movie’s most offensive and inflammatory clips have been playing in rotation on local media stations and further fueling anger over the unflattering depiction of the prophet Mohammed in the film.

Bacile, who has been holed up in a secret location since the release of the anti-Islam Mohammed film, was well aware that violence typically breaks out when Mohammed is even depicted in the media — much less in an unflattering light comparing him to a “child-lover” and as sexually deviant.

In an interview after the deadly attack in Benghazi yesterday, Bacile expressed he was sorry about the death of US ambassador J. Christopher Stevens in Libya, but that the American government should be more cautious. Bacile explains:

“I feel the security system [at the embassies] is no good… America should do something to change it.”

Consultant on the film Steve Klein, who warned Bacile he would “be the next Theo van Gogh” (an artist killed after depicting Mohammed back in 2004), also says that those who created the film anticipated a potentially deadly response to the controversial work — Klein said:

“We went into this knowing this was probably going to happen.”

Do you believe there will be more deaths following the anti-Islam Mohammed film?